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Monday, May 31st at 8 pm
Duration: 90 min
Free entrance

Email with reservation (name, email, ID and telephone number of each person) to
(until an hour before the event)



session 8


For this session we’re presenting the works of two authors who share animation techniques and a sense of humour. They’ve never met, but this will be a good opportunity for them to do so.

In Ulrich Weitzel’s case, we’ll view a series of short and super-short films created with the time-honoured technique of stop motion animation under the banner El Mundo Schubabh está animado. They’re part of the universe of Schubabh, which consists of The Church of Schubabh the God, Dr. Schubabh Laboratories (Inventions to order, Inc.), production company Schubabh-Pictures and the Schubabh Karaoke Band. The puppets involved aren’t usually professional actors; they’re more likely to spring from the marvellous world of recycling and trash. Even so, they interpret their characters to the best of their abilities.

In Jordi Teixidó’s case, we’ll view a series of very brief and very current animations, made in spring of 2021, and some fragments of earlier pieces from the past few years. 


Heidelberg, 1958. Specialised work and training as camera operator, photographer, stop motion animator. Oversees the content for producer Schubabh-Pictures. Self-taught prophet of the God Schubabh.



Barcelona, 1961. He has developed a variety of activities related to audiovisuals and performance arts. He has worked as an actor, collaborated in directing dance pieces, written texts for shows and scripts for children’s TV programmes.  

He directs vídeos, both his own creations and work related to art and culture. He has worked for televison channels as well as public and private clients as a promoter of dance, circus, theatre shows and other cultural events. For five years he was scriptwriter and director for the Escenas programme on BTV. Since 2007, he has written storylines for children’s programme Mic, for Catalan Television, and he has filmed and edited shorts for the same programme. At the same time, since 2014 he has created several rather unusual mappings, using his own images and text, catering for all audiences and of a humorous nature. 




Enciclopedia galáctica:
Our contribution to the famous collective work. A kind of Wikipedia for future cosmonauts.

El Agujero Negro
2018_0:41 min
Everything you needed to know, explained so you can understand it.

La Psiquiatría
2018_00:48 min
On the disfunctions of communication.

El Primer Contacto
2018_1:38 min
Mistakes to avoid in an initial encounter with an alien species. 

Lo Que Importa Al Rábano
2018_1:34 min
A radish’s reproductive cycle, caught on camera for the first time.


Trilogía Santa Claus:
Short tribute to a strange character who, wearing a red dressing-gown, appears to us each year for a couple of weeks for reasons that remain unclear.

Santa HoHo
2018-19_4 min
Live performance, accompanied by the HoHoHoedowners.

Breve Discurso Navideño Para La Juventud
2018-19_00:40 min

Lotería De Santa Claus
2018-19_00:31 min



Nos Hemos Esforzado
2019_3:30 min
On hearing the announcement that Karaoke is to be an Olympic sport, the Schubabh-Karaoke Band presents itself for the initial round before the recently created Catalan Olympic Committee, to Captain Beefheart music.

King Of Liars
2020_3:20 min
The Schubabh-Karaoke Band perform a hit by Projecte Na!.

2017_2:19 min
Videoclip for The Fake Druids about John Lennon’s killer. 

White Rabbit Has A Dream
2016_3:24 min
The dreams of a drummer. Not stop motion but the rabbit is very animated.



El Martirio De Santa Corona
2020_0:57 min
The true story of Covid-19, told by the winners of the future.

La Publicidad En Tiempos De Covid
2020_1:39 min
Making of for a current advertisement.

Manualidades Para Mancos
2021_4:24 min
Guided by the title, one expects a series of tutorials for people with some kind of disability. But Manualidades Para Mancos (Handicrafts for the One-armed) is much more. An adventure movie, a musical, an epic melodrama”. Erwin Rodríguez, influencer in training.



Primavera 2021
2021_16 min

Fragments fragmentats d’ahir i d’avui
2005-2021_15 min

With fragments from:

Temps passa-temps passa
Mapping for BCNLlum. Ardiaca House.

Llibre 1

Llibre 2

Oh Uh Ah Ei!
Children’s audiovisual for L’Autèntica Teatre.


Som una font
Mapping for BCNLlum. Sant Just square.

FLUX CLUB celebrates its 12th season at the Antic Teatre and the 21st anniversary of its creation in 2000.

This is a fortnightly video programme that reflects the vitality of video creation in Barcelona. It hosts all kinds of sessions with screenings, video performances, and debates offering direct contact between audiences and video creators. The sessions focus on a range of subjects, from monographics of well-known directors to specific themes such as video dance and video poetry, or collective sessions dedicated to emerging authors.

The programme is open to everything currently going on in the field of video in Barcelona, complementing the FLUX Video Auteur Festival with its content and extending its sphere of influence beyond the dates of the festival, which takes place in December.

HABITUAL VIDEO TEAM is a non-profit association that has as its main objective the promotion of activities related to the visual arts, specifically, video art: www.habitualvideoteam.org.

A fundamental area of their work is the organisation of festivals, cycles and video shows, such as the FLUX Video Auteur Festival: www.fluxfestival.org, and the INFLUX Audiovisual Performing Arts Festival: www.influxfestival.org.

Another area of Habitual Video Team’s activity is video documentation of cultural events mainly related to experimental music and poetry performances. In 2012 they launched the SUMMA project in order to convert this audiovisual heritage (more than 1000 recordings) into a non-profit online video archive: www.summa-hvt.org.

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