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Monday, October 4th at 20:00
Duration: 90 min
Free entrance



session 12

screening + performances + discussion


This is the pseudonym of a female audiovisual director, born in 1981 and hailing from Lleida and Barcelona. Holder of a degree in audiovisual communications, she has centred her trajectory on audiovisual direction for visual artists, cultural organisations and NGOs, as well as on digital communications for institutions, always with the aim of constructing a creative and, quite often, visually strident vision.

She is currectly working on audiovisual education projects at a Barcelona college, where she focuses her efforts on encouraging youthful imagination as an instrument for the transformation of reality, and on the dangers of digital addictions in children and teenagers.  

As Peluca Skin, she always works with a team of communication and design professionals, and brings her signature style to the work she produces for the most interesting and irreverent social poets of the Barcelona underground scene.  


On January 31, 2020, Hospitalet’s Sala Hybrus programmed a poetic and performative show featuring Silvia Antolín, internationally renowned performer and dancer; Mag Márquez, poet, actor, writer and the scourge of liberals; and underground legends and countercultural icons Curtis i Krònia. The audience were blown away and this encouraged the artists to regroup at a later date in order to unite all that talent and effort and create a supergroup: The Julandrons were born, and the date was March, 2020.

A few days later the world ground to a halt, and so did their project; but in August, in defiance of all caution, they got back together and with the help of producer Peluca Skin filmed their impactful documentary The Julandrons en la Puda, which didn’t get released because of the pandemic. A year later the merry foursome were commissioned with closing the 2020-2021 course year for visual artists’ workshop TPK (right in the middle of the fifth wave of the health crisis), for which they organised an al-fresco happening that is still being talked about. Now, The Julandrons are calling at the door of Flux Club at Antic Teatre.





As Oscar Wilde said, “Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth”. The director/producer of the videos we’ll be showing in this session uses the pseudonym Peluca Skin in order to enjoy freedom of expression to the max and avoid undesirable consequences. Turning what’s expressed in poetry into images doesn’t tend to be easy, and even less so when made on ‘NO cost’ budgets, but with determination, cheek, and the experience and tools acquired from politically correct projects, it’s possible to create work that looks us in the eyes and asks, “Shall we start changing everything?”

For this presentation we’ll be viewing four pieces featuring poets and performers The Julandrons, who will also offer four short live performances after the screening. 


7del7del77. Un día chungo
2018_8:45 min

Curtis i Krònia, under the aegis of the impeccable director Peluca Skin, take us back to their most remote poetic past. That Thursday, July 7 1977 was definitely a bad day at the headquarters of the Poetes Maleïts de L’Hospitalet.

With an original soundtrack by Perrocker: Mi Generación, Rumba de El Barrita and El Pub (Cavall by Lo Gitano de Balaguer), and featuring a noteworthy assemblage of diverse figures from l’Hospitalet and Barcelona’s underground.

Oda al Consumismo
2021_4:27 min

Mag Márquez presents a sarcastic and feverish defence of the most rampant consumerism of large shopping centres. 

The Julandrons en La Puda
2020_22:45 min

With Ricardo Rabella Bahillo as guest star and directed by acclaimed expert Peluca Skin, multidisciplinary foursome The Julandrons embark on a poetic and extrasensorial experience in the abandoned (or not so abandoned) La Puda spa. 

The Julandrons: Set Religiós
2020_6:30 min

While filming The Julandrons en La Puda, making the most of a break and using Peluca Skin’s technical equipment, the artists themselves recorded a poetic and performative set of a marked religious bent. It is the intention of the artists that this set should be part of an ambitious project to be titled El Evangelio según The Julandrons, (The Gospel according to The Julandrons) which will be provocative and moving in every way.

FLUX CLUB celebrates its 13th season at the Antic Teatre and the 22nd anniversary of its creation in 2000.

This is a fortnightly video programme that reflects the vitality of video creation in Barcelona. It hosts all kinds of sessions with screenings, video performances, and debates offering direct contact between audiences and video creators. The sessions focus on a range of subjects, from monographics of well-known directors to specific themes such as video dance and video poetry, or collective sessions dedicated to emerging authors.

The programme is open to everything currently going on in the field of video in Barcelona, complementing the FLUX Video Auteur Festival with its content and extending its sphere of influence beyond the dates of the festival, which takes place in December.

HABITUAL VIDEO TEAM is a non-profit association that has as its main objective the promotion of activities related to the visual arts, specifically, video art: www.habitualvideoteam.org.

A fundamental area of their work is the organisation of festivals, cycles and video shows, such as the FLUX Video Auteur Festival: www.fluxfestival.org, and the INFLUX Audiovisual Performing Arts Festival: www.influxfestival.org.

Another area of Habitual Video Team’s activity is video documentation of cultural events mainly related to experimental music and poetry performances. In 2012 they launched the SUMMA project in order to convert this audiovisual heritage (more than 1000 recordings) into a non-profit online video archive: www.summa-hvt.org.

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