Co-production 2014

Diana Gadish


Duration: 50 min

Creación e interpretación: Diana Gadish

Asistencia artística: Amaranta Velarde y Michael Gadish

Diseño de luces: Joana Serra

Co-producción de Antic Teatre / Adriantic

In collaboration with CRA’P

The aesthetics of cabaret and vaudeville are used as a stereotype of entertainment. Nevertheless, the standard entertainment show fails to materialise: Lucy Pussy, the protagonist, is unable to entertain her audience as she should. It is precisely this inability that causes the emergence of something new; a world full of potential actions that go beyond the pre-established, creating an indiscernible atmosphere where precariousness reveals its beauty.

Diana Gadish graduated in 2007 from the S.N.D.O. (Superior Studies of choreography in Amsterdam). Since then she has worked as a performer on several dance-theatre projects in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Spain. In 2008 she began working as a clown with Jango Edwards, who directed the solo Genesis Joplin (2010), and with whom she continues to work in Spain and abroad.


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