May 17th 2022

Compañía La Soledad


Tuesday, May 17th at 8pm
Duration: 75 min
Tickets: 10 euros ONLINE // 12 euros TAQUILLA

Concept and realisation: Marc Caellas and Esteban Feune de Colombi

Guest artists: Ramón Nse Esono Ebale, Pere Ortín, Whitney Agui 

Regular collaborators: Corinne Spitalier, Miriam Reyes, Conrado Parodi and Félix Denuit

Different guests at each performance


Guest artists

Ramón Nse Esono Ebale is an illustrator, draughtsman and comic book writer from Equatorial Guinea. He has received the Regarde 9 prize from the Angouleme Comics Festival and the Africa e Mediterraneo magazine (Bologna) award.

Pere Ortín is a Dada journalist who works at the meeting place between journalism and audiovisuals.  He has directed documentary films such as El Gran Pachinko (1991), Le Mal d’Afrique (2006), Cazadores de imágenes (2007) and Africalls? (2008), and has published the books Mbini. Cazadores de imágenes en la Guinea colonial (2007) and Diez mil elefantes (2022).

Whitney Agui is a Women’s Circles facilitator and a community creator. She invites women to connect with their story, their ambition, their inner power by creating space to hold their voice. Born from a French mother and an Ivorian father, she grew up in France without any connection with her African’s roots, struggling with the African proverb “When you don’t know where you’re going, look where you came from”.

Should an artist know how to make PDFs? What’s a sealed bid? What call should call jurors apply to? How many synopses should one write per project? How does one get over the nth rejection? Cheaper than psychoanalysis or a bottle of Jameson’s, Yo sé perder is a fest of rejected artistic proposals. Inspired by the library thought up by US writer Richard Brautigan – star of our flyer – for the keeping of discarded manuscripts, we’ve created this cycle where we will host a selection of guests, each presenting a piece of work that received in reply two joined letters bluntly spelling out the word ‘no’. They’re coming for us!

Esteban Fuene de Colombi was born in Buenos Aires in 1980. He has lived in Paris, Barcelona and Geneva and works in various places around th world. He’s a poet, stage director and performer.

Marc Caellas was born in Barcelona in 1974. He has lived in London, São Paulo, Miami, Caracas, Bogota and Buenos Aires. He’s a writer, stage director and curator for cultural projects that meld literature, theatre and contemporary art.

In 2011, in Bogotá, they jointly created Compañía La Soledad, which devises walkabout, site-specific and staged performances, such as El paseo de Robert Walser, Juego de cartas and Bolaño, vuelve a casa.

Between them, they’ve collected quite a few rejections.

Regular collaborators:

Corinne Spitalier is a Mexican multidisciplinary artist living in Barcelona whose eclectic practice ranges from collage and drawing to song, dance and performance.

Miriam Reyes is a poet and videocreator who has published six volumes of poetry. Since 2001 she has been experimenting with audiovisual writing and multimedia recital and in 2011 she started Prensado en frío, an e-poetry project.

Conrado Parodi is an Argentinian settled in Catalonia: a poet of light and a discerning reader.

Félix Denuit is a philosopher and a performer.

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