Antic Production 2015


Carretera N-340

Duration: 105 min

Created by: Colectivo N-340 (Itxaso Corral, Óscar Bueno, Diana Delgado-Ureña y David Mallols)
Performers: Itxaso Corral, Óscar Bueno y David Mallols
Performing entity: Colectivo N-340 / Diseño de iluminación: Carlos Marquerie
Tour technician: Roberto Baldinelli
Technical assistance: Oscar Villar
Sign interpreter: Albert Llaurens
Descriptive narrator: Chari Muñoz
About the notebook: Roger Adam y Colectivo N-340
Translators: Lali Alvarez, Blanca Garcia, Roger Muntés, Ganecha Gil, Joan Yago

Resident company at El Graner, centre de creació

An Antic Teatre production

With the support of the Departament de Cultura 

Thanks to:
Enrique, Marisa, Ana, Javier de la sala la Quemá, la Banda Morisca, Colectivo Arriero, Jorge, Martín de la Térmica, Louise, Ana, Pepa, Pedro, Zambo, Abraham, Centro Negra, el río Segura, Fátima, Diana, Pau, Lupe, Nieves, Maite, Tasca Eulalia, Empar, José Luis, Portillo, Lina, a la gente que nos recibió a nuestra llegada el 31 de Julio en el Antic Teatre, Getse, Paulina, Marta, Carlos, Roberto, Lali, Roger, Blanca, Joan, Chari, Albert, Roger, Marta, Manel, Jaime, Oscar, Sergi, Mario, Itxaso, Óscar, Diana, David and if you think right now “they should thank me too,” indeed, we thank you!

Carretera N-340 brings on stage intimate and political geographies. Throughout the last July we drove across N-340 that sets out in Puerto Real Cadiz and ends at Plaza España Barcelona. We shared the experience of of travelling the 1248km between Cadiz and Barcelona, carrying in our suitcases questions about our individual and collective identities, questions about our ways of living together.
We make the memories and the territory our own. We bring together body and language to traverse supposedly well-known landscapes. Nothing of what was exists. We die; we are re-born; we are here. We invoke the presence. For us, the place of action is “being with”.

Colectivo N-340 are a artistic research group. We see the artistic practice, its thinking and production as elements interrelated at the same level. The final artistic creation will be then an ecosystem that integrates all theses decisions that derive a certain involvement and ethics. The team of N340 is set up with the aim of generating a stage research process in which each one continue to develop their own artistic career, while a meeting and collective work is created.Know ,tell, create, spaces of communication with others, sharing research tools and artistic creation and reflection on the collective and ways of doing and being together. Generate meetings with the audience where all this knowledge is set out. The stage fact as a meeting point. Coming across, looking at each other. Who knows maybe even, seeing each other.


>>> Watch COLECTIVO N-340 Carretera N-340 – Con Narración descriptiva en catalán (FULL SHOW)

>>> Watch COLECTIVO N-340 Carretera N-340 – Con interpretación de signos en catalán (FULL SHOW)

>> Watch COLECTIVO N-340 Cuaderno de Bitácora (FULL SHOW)

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