June 27-29


Faralaes de Daniel Rosado

Thursday, June 27 at 8pm
Friday, June 28 at 8pm
Saturday, June 29 at 8pm
Duration: 50 min
Tickets: 12 euros ONLINE // 15 euros BOX OFFICE

Original concept: Daniel Rosado
Stage direction: Daniel Rosado and Natalia Barraza
Dramaturgy: Natalia Barraza
Choreography and performance: Daniel Rosado
Music: Carlos Martorell Pla and Toni Costa
Musical arrangements: Juan Rodríguez Berbín
Video: Tristán Pérez-Martín
Lighting and design: David Maqueda
Production: Colectivo Lamajara
Phtography:Jonathan Lewczuk

With support from: Fet a Mataró, Centre Cívic Barceloneta, Festival Dansat, Festival CAMP_iN.



Faralaes is an anthropological investigation of cultural oddities from the language of choreography.
Farah means dress in Arabic; lebs means joy.
Farah-lebs is “dressed with joy”, something like “a flamenco dressed as a flamenco“.
The word flamenco comes from Moorish Arabic: Felah means peasant while Menkud is the outcast, the person stripped of material and immaterial possessions. Felah-Menkud is the person who originated the art of flamenco.
The solo is the staging of body language through a particular identity, the kind that can only be recovered via memory, understood not as the memory of the history books but as the memory that is retained by the senses: sounds, taste, gesture, smells, hubbub and customs.
The project is a revision of Andalusian culture (it could have been any other) and how this has influenced the artist on a personal level. It’s a reconnection to the original collective image in order to recognise the extraordinary, from those aspects that have been denied and ignored.
Faralaes takes celebration, understood as a ritual of meaningful transformation, as a means of expression with which to look at the emotional space that a body or collective bodies occupy from another perspective. And it allows an observation from the intimate to the social, from the animal to the rational, from tumult to solitude, from the liturgy of life to death.

Daniel Rosado Ávila
Born in Huelva, he graduated in Physical Activities and Sports from Barcelona University in 2013. He trained at the Reina Sofía National Dance Conservatory in Granada. He has worked in France with French company Taille Unique (2006-2007), taking part in projects with Brumachon, J. C. Gallotta and B. Montet among others. He was a member of Transit Dansa (2008-2012). He currently works in Colectivo Lamajara as co-director and project manager. He has taught dance for projects such as Tots dansen (Mercat de les Flors–Mataró Local Council), +45 (Cía. Sebastián García Ferro) and Sudansa. He is also a dancer with the PND (Producció Nacional de dansa). As a choreographer his work includes Reveillez vous…, El Buhonero by Colectivo Lamajara (co-produced by Vila-Real en Dansa 2015), Al Voltant by Colectivo Lamajara (Co-directed by Reinaldo Ribeiro) and Labranza (produced in conjunction with Festival Sismògraf of Olot). In 2016 he was awarded the OSIC grant for research and creation in the arts, thoughts and new creative and interdisciplinary sectors for his Labranza project, and in 2018 for Léxico. 

Natalia Barraza
Born in Argentina, she has been closely linked to the stage from her cradle as she comes from a family of artistes and puppeteers. She trained as a theatrical and circus performer and dancer in Mexico and Cuba. She began creating her own work after her time with circus company Circo Batz of Mexico City. She moved to Europe to continue her training in Spain and the Netherlands. She has been living in Barcelona since 2002 and continues to work in performance creation and production. After years of supporting artistic projects for a range of organisations and festivals, she specialised as stage-manager and creative processes assistant in contemporary performance. She is a member of Antigua i Barbuda company and is currently complementing her training with a course in Stage Direction and Dramaturgy at the Institut del Teatre.

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