November 18, 19, 25 and 26

La poderosa


Multi -discipli -nari
Carme Torrent y Quim Bigas Bassart "Eclipse, 2015."
Saturday 18th November - 9pm.
Sunday 19th November - 8pm.

Sandra Gómez de la Torre "NO SOY YO"
Saturday 25th November - 9pm.
Sunday 26th November - 8pm.
Tickets: 10 euros ONLINE // 12 euros TAQUILLA

Cycle organized by La Poderosa in colaboration with del Mercat de les Flors, Blueproject Foundation, Antic Teatre, Sala Hiroshima and Bajo Fondo Club

Biannual cycle curated by La Poderosa with collaboration from Mercat de les Flors, Blue Project, Antic Teatre and Sala Hiroshima.

Hacer Historia(s) is a contemporary dance cycle that looks backwards with the desire to construct history from a personal gaze: BODY, MEMORY, FILE AND TRANSMISSION.

Since 2000, there is a tendency in contemporary performance arts to retrieve works from the recent past. Hacer Historia(s) looks at some of these approaches, replacing works from different periods with contemporary pieces that stand out from the usual repertory and that, far from fixating nostalgically on the past, are looking to give the selected accounts a shake up and reflect on their relation to the present.

…”if one observes the field of contemporary dance in Europe and the United States, it is impossible not to realise that dancers are more and more frequently retracing their own paths and that of the history of dance in order to find the “objective of their search”…                              

As part of this project there will be two performances at Antic Teatre that consider the body as the container of the representations and ways of moving that have moulded it through its environment: family, city, work, teachers, etc.; and though it cannot escape them, it can interpret them from its own particular anatomy and way of understanding movement.

18 and 19 November at 9pm. (Sunday at 8pm.)
Carme Torrent and Quim Bigas Bassart
Eclipse, 2015.  New body languajes

Movement that rescues our past actions as actions that can generate a new commitment to the present. Movement that makes it possible to re-encounter time itself, in all its layers, including lost time.
The past co-exists as pre-pa-sent-st.
What is a memory that we can’t remember?

“My body is like the City of the Sun: it has no place, but from it emerge and irradiate all possible places, real or utopian.” The body has no time, but from it irradiate all possible times, real, virtual or utopian. Time orbits… Two bodies orbit within the accumulation of their own future. As if the same things existed many times in different settings. [+] INFO

25 and 26 November at 9pm. (Sunday 8pm.)
Sandra Gómez de la Torre
NO SOY YO  New drama

No soy yo consists of a dance solo and an installation. The installation is structured around a series of video interviews with choreographers and pioneering teachers of contemporary dance in Valencia. A collage of stories intermixed with other stories and visions of dance by European choreographers, showing different ways of doing things. An exercise in de-subjectifying that uses as its dramatic axis the copying, reappropriation and reconstruction of choreography fragments by North American choreographers of post-modern dance such as Ivon Rainer, Simone Forti, Lucinda Childs and Trisha Brown. [+] INFO

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