March 3


Osset Meu & The Soundbox

Antic for kids!
March 3
Two performances: 4pm and 5pm
Duration: 30 min
Tickets: 5 euros kids // 7,5 adults ONLINE & BOX OFFICE (under 1 year, free admission)

Musical and multilingual theater for babies (from 0 to 5 years old)

Author/ composer/actor: Christophe Sainsot Tintou

Actors: Silvia Dotti, Christophe Sainsot Tintou

Playing and singing, the characters from this story meet a little bear. Straight away they love it and it doesn’t want to leave them. But there is time for everything and after many hugs and cuddles, it is time to move apart and go and explore the world! And exploring the world means discovering many sounds and languages!

Using a plethora of instruments and languages, this interactive show is a unique auditive experience for babies and their parents. Two actors, musicians, and singers perform the story. The actors, the children, and their parents play all sounds and music live.

The Bruc Brothers Company is a children’s theater company specialized in original musical plays written in different languages. It is an innovating company that uses theater to immerse children in the world of languages and knowledge.

Created in 2012 by Christophe Sainsot Tintou, musician, actor, and teacher passionate about language, its original proposal and innovating style guaranteed him a good welcome from the start. In just three years of existence, the Bruc Brothers Company, which is about to release his seventh work, has performed in many theaters and cultural centers in Barcelona as in the Grec Festival.

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