January 31st 2022

Antic Teatre in collaboration with San Miguel On Air (SMOA)

Navarri presenta "Campos de girasoles"

Monday, January 31st at 8 pm
Duration: 60 min
Tickets: 5 euros ONLINE & BOX OFFICE

We’re not sure if it’s us or just time passing, but it’s been 12 months already since Navarri released their first EP, Seat Ronda. Now they’re back with their latest composition, Campos de Girasoles.

While Seat Ronda was about the past and the various moments that combine to make us who we are, Campos de Girasoles is a sequel where the central subject is the present: who we are and how we got here.

Five tracks about journeys, the precise moment that the sun comes in the window and the precise moment it disappears, triumphs and defeats that we can only visualise in hindsight and not forgetting love; love for those who are here with us and others who no longer are, but who return every time we remember them.

Having participated in the Bala Perduda competition organised by Sala Apolo, played at venues such as Zowie and Heliogàbal, and performed at the BIS festival, Navarri presented their new EP for the first time on December 18, 2021 at Sala Taro.  

In December 2018, Navarri decided to play a first and, in principle, only concert at Hi Jauh USB?, spurred by the imminent closure of the Poblenou association. On one of those fabulous afternoons spent in the backstreet, Rubén Navarri and Eloy Bernal agreed that, were they ever to play in front of an audience, that’s where it would be. And that’s how Navarri got started. About a month before their debut, the challenge lay in composing four tracks and learning a couple of covers, so in order to overcome his stage fright, Rubén asked Pedro Font to come and do some arranging on guitar and backing vocals. Then Aleix Benet joined on bass and Armando Laplana on drums. Only friends let themselves get embroiled like this. Five rehearsals later, they were on stage. Bombing was a high probability, but they thought it would be fun to try. And so it proved – so much fun that after that January 2019 concert they’re still here.

San Miguel On Air (SMOA)

The first San Miguel On Air Barcelona took place in December 2021, ending the year with the most dynamic of live concerts. The first edition of this musical cycle in Barcelona was held as the experience of live, staged concerts returned. Once again, venues rang to the rhythms in the widest range of styles, from rock to electronica, jams and celebration bands. December provided six unmissable dates at the city’s concert halls.

In January, taking into account the changes to the overall health situation, the programmed schedule has been maintained in those venues such as Antic Teatre that, because of their characteristics, are able to continue to offer live concerts to audiences that want to keep enjoying music in their favourite places. 

The return of San Miguel On Air’s monthly and yearly programmes – and the first edition held in Barcelona city – is a reminder of the brand’s commitment to the music circuit, concert venues, live music and artists as they recover from the impact the pandemic has had on leisure activities. It was precisely this love of music and desire to discover what’s new in the scene that kicked off this space in which bands and soloists are provided with the perfect channel to take their music ever further. “At Cervezas San Miguel we understand music the same way we understand our beers: as a way of discovering new things. That’s why we provide opportunities to all those flavours and sounds that are unique, different and special”, says César Hernández, Head of Marketing for Mahou San Miguel. 

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