May 15h 2022


MORE THAN HUMAN - A Cyborg Series

Sunday, May 15th at 8 pm
Duration: 80 min
Tickets: 5 euros ONLINE & BOX OFFICE

Artists: Moon Ribas, Kai Landre, Neil Harbisson, Lukas Zpira

Bodyhackers: Fenix Binario, Berta Slow

Director: Anaïs Bertrand

Videographers: Anaïs Bertrand, Jerónimo Sarmiento, Laura Hzurriaga

Editors: Diogo Vale, Callum Millward

The More Than Human – A Cyborg Series series is inspired by philosophical questions about the human condition, but also by sensory experimentation and the cyber punk heritage of science fiction stories. Cyborg artists bring a whole new dimension to reality.

The implants made in the bodies of artists who have become cyborgs broaden their senses, often bringing them closer to the natural world and offering us a new interpretation of the world.

How can we define a cyborg artist today?

What artistic perspective does this movement propose?

Is humanity at the gateway to a new world?

This series will consider these questions and discuss them by means of five stories demonstrated by cyborg artists Moon Ribas, Kai Landre, Neil Harbisson and Lukas Zpira and bodyhackers Berta Slow and Fenix Binario.

Anaïs Bertrand is a French journalist and director interested in art and social phenomena. Her latest work dedicated to artistic evolution and science inspired her to make the series More Than Human to highlight the cyborg movement and the future of humanity.

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