16-19 March 2023

Alessandra Garcia

Mujer en cinta de correr sobre fondo negro

dansa metro-poli- tana
Thursday, Març 16th at 8 pm
Friday, Març 17th at 8 pm
Saturday, Març 18th at 8 pm
Sunday, Març 19th at 8 pm
Languages: Spanish
Duration: 57 min
Tickets: 14 euros ONLINE // 16 euros BOX OFFICE

Strobe lights are used in this show

MAX 2022 AWARD for Outstanding Show
Ojo Crítico Theatre AWARD
Ateneo Teatro Best Actress AWARD

Production:  Dos Bengalas
Direction, texts and performance: Alessandra García
Assistant  director: Violeta Niebla
Dramaturgy: Ramón Gázquez
Lighting  design: Azael Ferrer/Francisco Burgos
Set and stage design: Beatriz Ros
Costumes: Dela-Delos
Movement assistant: María del Mar Suárez
Sound arrangements: Bass Seismic
Stage management: Marta Howard
Audiovisuals: Cruda Films
Poster illustration: Hugo Lugo
Graphic design: Tiquismiquis.club
Hair: Ana García
Distribution:  Muntsa Roca
Communication:  Aída Pallarés
Web: Curro Moreno


Woman on running machine against a black background is a performance piece that works as a kind of x-ray of residents of more humble neighbourhoods. The woman reflects on: textile over-production, capitalism, entertainment, culture, language, nicknames and the service sector. But, above all, this story is laughter and thought.

Textual descriptions embrace physical details. An actress moving like a bull in its pen, like a kid in a ballpark, like guerrilla fighters in a tropical jungle. Basically a hand-to-hand between word and movement approached with humour and thoughtfulness.

Dance the word, tell the gesture.

Alessandra García, Malaga. In ten years she’s set up and dissolved a company, entered the world of performance and become a teacher. Her work is in the line of postdramatic and participatory theatre. She feels closer to contemporary art than to theatre.

Aquella Postura was a site-specific piece for collective performance Vulva, curated and created by Elena Alonso and shown at the Matadero in Madrid, which brought together 12 female artists with a strong national presence. She is also behind Patrimoni, part of the #Portals project by Shared Studios between Malaga and San Francisco, and she has toured with No es registren converses d’interès by Roger Bernat as a performer.

Alessandra Garcia
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