2-5 March 2023

Alba Rihe

Espectáculo, espectacular

Thursday, March 2nd at 8 pm
Friday, March 3rd at 8 pm
Saturday, March 4th at 8 pm
Sunday, March 5th at 8 pm
Duration: 55 minutes
Tickets: 14 euros ONLINE // 16 euros BOX OFFICE

Created by: ALBA RIHE
Performed by: ALBA RIHE
Lady in waiting: XESCA SALVÀ
Outside eye: CUL-ACTIU
Collaborating venue: LA PODEROSA, ROCA UMBERT

Alba Rihe is an endorphin trainer and she plans to get them moving for the hour the show lasts. This performance solo intends to blur the boundaries between stand-up and concerts, presenting the body as an orchestra, activating other bodies, for instance technological bodies, that appear in the piece. The idea is to do away with the background and the figure, and break with the roles of spectator and activator.

Clichés are like over-chewed gum, lurking in our jaws until they mold to the shape of our teeth. The same thing happens with images and words. Our society is based on the repetition of the ideas that can be visualised in afternoon TV films and in the contents of visual narcolepsy. Espectáculo, espectacularshows these clichés and traps them, gives them new dimensions, shakes them about, applies irony and above all shows the absurdity of the pact with truth that some inertias have made.

Relax your knotted muscles, this begins with beats, autoconversations, spinning classes and a lot of reflection.

Style of manners, error, complicity and good vibes! Welcome to Espectáculo, espectacular!

Alba Rihe is a cultural developer with a degree in Fine Arts and is currently on the MACBA Programme of Independent Studies (PEI). She has trained continuously in performance, text-based theatre and clown. Her projects include Cobalto, Las Bistecs and the Venecia Flúor collective. She has established her trajectory in a non-academic artistic circuit that she has been instrumental in forging in Barcelona’s underground scene. She has carried out various different work methodologies with a common thread: performance and the fusion of different artistic tools to transmit her message using the absurd and physical matter as the main ingredients.

She is currently researching spoken word and performance investigation.

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