July 26 and 27

Xarxa de cures, ahir i avui (ART i PART)


Thursday, July 26 at 8pm
Friday, July 27th at 8pm

Venue: La Bonne - Francesca Bonnemaison Women's Cultural Centre
Duration: 90 min
Tickets: 10 euros ONLINE // 12 euros TAQUILLA

Devised and performed by: Anselm Rojas, Aurora Roig, Elisabeth Romero, Emilia Martín, Enrique Ibáñez, Erika Yañez, Graciela Alonso, Laia Santaularia, María Isabel Guitiérrez, María Muñoz, Mercè Martínez, Merci Roaga, Norma Falconi, Lissette Fernández, Rocío Echevarría, María Ojo, Patricia Hernández, Rose Odiase
Research process: Olga Rodríguez, Estíbaliz Benito (Mescladís); Ana Leitao (TUDANZAS); Marta Galán (TRANSlab / Antic Teatre); Marta Vergonyós (La Bonne); Karina Fulladosa (Sindillar / Sindihogar); Joan Tomàs i Marta Peribáñez
Outside eyes: Isabel Segura, María Jesús Izquierdo, Carme Valls, Norma Falconi, Milagros Rivera
Light design: Ana Rovira, Conrado Parodi
Video editing: Marta Vergonyós
Video technician: Martín Elena
Musical compositions and sound: Àlex Polls Salvador
Sound creation support: Ariadna Ruiz de Azúa (Piccola)
Sound technical coordination: Mar Zapata
Masks: Olvido Vives
Tai Chi scene orientation: Ona Esteban
Photography and visual arts: Joan Tomas i Marta Peribáñez
Advice on visual arts: Nicolás Spinosa
Choreographic assistant: Anna Leitao /TUDANZAS
Assistance in stage direction: Beatriz Santiago, Paloma Tabasco
Collaborations with schools: Escola Internacional de Fotografia Grisart i El Timbal (centre de formació i creació escènica)
Comunication: Maria Romero, Arnau Amadó, Francisca Araújo
Production: Neus Oriol
Executive production: Elisabet Ruiz
Creation and direction: Marta Vergonyós i Marta Galán Sala

With support from: Districte de Ciutat Vella, Institut Català de les Dones, Departament de Programes de Temps i Economia de les Cures (Direcció de Serveis d’Economia Cooperativa, Social i Solidària i Consum) and Regidoria de Feminismes i LGTBI.



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This performance piece is the end result of community arts project Xarxa de cures, ahir i avui (Care networks of today and yesterday), which is part of the ART i PART programme instigated by Barcelona Cultural District (Institute of Culture – Ajuntament de Barcelona). It’s a joint creation between local residents and Antic Teatre, La Bonne – Centre de Cultura de Dones Francesca Bonnemaison, Sindillar/Sindihogar, Mescladís and TUDANZAS.

The project, a collaborative performance, takes as its starting point and subject the pre-existing, extensive, local networks of shared care and mutual support between women that historians Isabel Segura and Milagros Rivera are recovering with their research. The piece explores the changes these networks have undergone and at the same time assesses the extent to which they are part of today’s society. The word “rebomboris” (commotion) of the title is our inspiration in that it evokes the spontaneous movements of revolt through which women have fought to survive and demanded basic living conditions for themselves and their communities.

Xarxa de cures, ahir i avui is one of five community creation projects taking place in Barcelona neighbourhoods and included in the ART i PART programme instigated by Antic Teatre, TRANSlab, La Bonne – Francesca Bonnemaison Women’s Cultural Centre, Sindillar/Sindihogar, Mescladís and TUDANZAS.

The objectives of this project are, on the one hand, to recognise local organisations and make them participatory to it and, on the other, to take the collective, forgotten history of women and, thanks to the contributions of researchers Isabel Segura and Milagros Rivera, use the history of local care within the neighbourhood to develop the creative process through a gender-based perspective and build links between the women of yesterday and the women who currently live there. After a year of collaborative research, the final performance aims to map this past and present of the work of care provided by women. To centre on the maintenance and care of life and lives: in this case, to bring this to centre stage, is our ultimate aim.

Xarxa de cures, ahir i avui has emerged as a result of experimentation with different forms of artistic expression given structure through community actions Accions amb cura (Actions with care), six artistic experimentation activities open to participation from local residents, bodies and associations, and Laboratoris Artístics (Artistic Laboratories), a new creation phase presented within the framework of the TUDANZAS Festival. The final phase begins with Rebomboris, which gives shape to the trajectory the project has made this season.

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