July 25th to August 14th 2022

Vanessa Kamp

Cheetah Banks


PREMIERE Antic Teatre (Sales de proximitat): 20-23/10/2022


Title: Cheetah Banks

Direction: Vanessa Kamp

Performer, wardrobe, video editing, lighting design, texts: Vanessa Kamp

Choreo advisor: Magda Garzón

Movement advisor: Elia Genis

Dramaturgy: Ariadna Sanz

Video: Sebastián Mantilla

Feedback: Jango Edwards

Creative team: Eric Symons, Nancy Eastep, Maryann Lipaj

Stagehand: Claudia Claudz

Photography: Pep Casadevall

Co-production: Crabwise Productions, Antic Teatre Espai de Creació

With support from Antic Teatre Espacio de Creación, Barcelona, Centro Cívico Sandaru, Centro Cívico Drassanes, Centro Cívico Barceloneta, Moveo

Thanks: Me Myself & I, Certamen de Madrid, Escenari Obert NunArt


Cheetah Banks is chimerical, a character who oscillates between different ages, genders, sexualities and moods. We encounter their world through the languages of improvised dance, gesture, and clown, with their different ways of interacting with the public, musicality, and physicality. 

Born in Florida in the 1980s, Cheetah Banks has come here to visit, but their driver’s license has expired and they can’t go back to Florida. Cheetah explains what it’s like to live in a strange land, whether it’s here or there. With images and scenes that go from ridiculous to intense, Cheetah shares their tactile and corporeal world that finds itself in constant slippage between the physicalities of flesh and blood and the borders of the imagination. 

#foreignness, #aging, #exoticism, #gender, #sex, #class, #desire, #beauty, #body (I have not used these hashtags but they would be suitable)

Vanessa Kamp is an American artist who comes from a background in sports and fiber art bringing a predilection for the tactile and sensory to her work which most recently is a fusion of improvisational dance and clown. 

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