Antic Production 2014


Trópico. Tierra Quemada."

31 December
Duration: 70 min

A project by Laida Azkona Goño and Txalo Toloza-Fernández
Videocreation: MiPrimerDrop
Texts: Laida Azkona and Gonzalo Javier
Quechua translation: Yolanda Huañec
Sound design and music selection: Juan Cristóbal Saavedra
Light design: Ana Rovira
Amb el suport de Tienda Derecha, Centro Rimsaun, BlogMobileArts and Bicing

Acknowledgments: Juliat, La poderosa, Artas, Sònia Gómez, Edmond Broessel, Tea-tron and Elèctrica Produccions

co-produced by Antic Teatre/Adriantic, Graner/Mercat de les Flors and Hornitos/MiPrimerDrop

What possibilities are left to us when we have tried them all?

Inspired by a series of bizarre documentaries, Tierra quemada (Burnt Earth) is a performance project that attempts to trace the maps we have etched on our bodies. These are unreliable maps, full of places that are harsh, arid, solitary and hostile, forgotten and rejected.

This journey to the Tropic of Capricorn is a roadmovie that goes nowhere; a failed attempt to re-read and interpret our compass heading.

Txalo Toloza-Fernández (Anafagasta, 1975), trained as an audio-visual creator in Santiago, Chile and Barcelona, where he has lived and worked since 1997. Video director, performer, exhibition curator and vj, over the past years he has focused his work on audio-visual creation within live arts and work with mobile phones applied to video creation.
He is a regular collaborator of performer Sonia Gómez, Mexican documentary theatre company Lagartijas tiradas al sol and, since 2009, he is a member of Compañía FFF created by stage director Roger Bernat.

Laida Azkona (Pamplona 1981) lives between Barcelona and Pamplona and works with living arts from a variety of disciplines. Her current focus is on writing, understood as an expanded concept of choreography and presence – movement of the body.
Trained at The Rambert School (London), SEAD (Salzburg) and The Trisha Brown Company Studio (New York) she has performed for such creators as Francesco Scavetta (Oslo), Juschka Weigel (Berlin) and Noemí Lafrance (New York). Her two latest solo creations are Mu-To (excavar un túnel hasta China) and Ciento Volando. Co-founder of the performance collective Hierbaroja, she is also one of the artistic directors of the INMEDIACIONES festival.



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