Sâlmon Festival of living arts
13-15 October 2023



Friday, 13th October at 8 pm
Saturday, 14th October at 8 pm
Sunday, 15th October at 8 pm
Languages: Spanish
Duration: 75 minutes
Recommended age: +13 years old
Tickets: 14 euros ONLINE // 16 euros BOX OFFICE

Idea, texts, dramaturgy and visual design: Natalia Suarez, Marina Suarez, Andrea Berbois and Maite Muguerza
Performers: Natalia Suarez, Marina Suarez, Andrea Berbois, Maite Muguerza and Garazi Navas.
Outside eye: Mayi Martiarena
Live music: Andrea Berbois and Garazi Navas
Stage assistants: HAIEK Koop.
Lighting design: Inga Cerro
Distribution: Tripak
Photography: Arriguri

COLLABORATORS: EREMUAK (Basque Government), Bulegoa z/b, Dinamoa sormen gunea, L’animal a l’esquena, AZALA espazioa, Garaion Sorgingunea, TABAKALERA Donostia, Baratza Aretoa, S’ALA Spazio per Artisti, Arropaineko Arragua


IG: @tripak.k  @festival_salmon

Twitter: @festival_salmon



(a toast)
on the threshold of a waterfall
(with tears)
flowing onto a table
(a grave)
and from there falling and spreading
(the marshes)
one after another, we bodies
(sisters, sisters!)
come through here
(our terrible wound)
to get out of there
(the stalls)
Starting with the premise of intermittent existence or the state of transition of souls, Platea (stalls) places before us, in representation of an imaginary limbo, a banqueting table in the middle of a marshland. The rise and fall of the tide highlights life’s capacity to give and take with no explanation or anchorage. A God, as Master of Ceremony, welcomes the bodies arriving at this changeful scene. Dragged in by the sea, they arrive disoriented and faint, as castaways or mermaids: they have all previously experienced a life and a death. The place has been prepared for the final celebration, the great transmutation; although first, they need to divest themselves of their former desires, which can still be heard.

Tripak is a Basque company composed by Andrea Berbois, Mayi Martiarena, Maite Mugerza, Marina Suárez and Natalia Suarez. They practice performance arts. Having pursued studies in visual arts and music, they created the company in 2014 in order to present their own creations based on their personal experiences and unique visions of the world and aesthetics. Since then, they have produced several works in theatrical format, as well as performances, both on their own and in collaboration with other artists. They have taken part in different national and international festivals and venues and they have also taught what they practice. In 2022, together with some friends they opened Kampai, a venue in Bilbao where they create, rehearse and share with audiences experiences that try and go further than the formats generally used for the showing of art.

Platea by the company Tripak is a proposal of the public programme of the Sâlmon Festival of living arts edition 2023, curated by Andrea Rodrigo and Néstor García.

foto: Arriguri
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