June 21st


ElèctroX Big Brother

Thursday 21st June at 8pm
Duration: 50 min
Tickets: 10 euros ONLINE // 12 euros TAQUILLA

Live musical, dance and audiovisuals concert-performance

Live and prerecorded music: Mark Cunningham and Miquel Jordà
Dance: Arturo Villalba, Pep Nebot
Live video: Pepe Ruz
Photography: Chinasky


ElèctroX Big Brother is a performed metaphor about how society is controlled in the present day and will be in the immediate future. George Orwell predicted this situation almost 100 years ago in 1984; today it’s an undeniable reality. Citizen control through the internet, security cameras, fake news, cyberdocuments, the monitoring of our shopping habits or tracking our movements via ever more ubiquitous mobile phone locators, take us ever closer towards a future that constricts our freedoms in a way unthinkable not so very long ago. ElèctroX Big Brother is about this future that is already here: music, sound and video projections created live using security cameras manipulated on stage. Prophetic choreographies about the society we live in, taken to apocalyptic ends but always allowing a window of hope to remain: because we are all of us the future.

ElècctroX BG are an interdisciplinary musical group created by Miquel Jordà and Mark Cunningham a few years ago. On this occasion, Cunningham and Jordà, two stalwarts of improvised luxury music, present us with an extended version of a dance show with audiovisuals created in real time.

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