February 16-19th 2023

Societat Doctor Alonso

Noche cañón

Thursday, February 16th at 8 pm
Friday, February 17th at 8 pm
Saturday, February 18th at 8 pm
Sunday, February 19th at 8 pm
Languages: Spanish
Duration: 60 min
Tickets: 14 euros ONLINE // 16 euros BOX OFFICE

Dramaturgy: Sofia Asencio
Devised and Performed by: Sofia Asencio Aznar
Stage Direction: Tomas Aragay
Set Design: Jorge Nieto
Art Direction and Libretto: Beatriz Lobo
Lighting: Celina Chavat
Wardrobe: Jorge Dutor
Texts: Sofia Asencio. (Mediocre text: Sofia Asencio, Lluc Baños and Hipolito Patón)
Production: Imma Bové
Distribution: Societat Doctor Alonso
Coproduced by: Festival TNT, Antic Teatre and Societat Doctor Alonso
With the collaboration of: Espai Nyamnyam, Festival Citemor, Festival Russafa Escènica and La Caldera.
This project received the ACENTO grant from La Casa Encendida and MACBA for researching Noche Cañón.
Support: Societat Doctor Alonso is supported by the Catalan Institute of Cultural Enterprise (ICEC), Government of Catalonia, National Institute of Performance Arts and Music (INAEM), the Ministry of Culture and Institut Ramon LLull.


Humour merely attempts to discommode interiors and disassemble truths. (…) Humor does not intend to correct or teach, as it carries that slight bitterness of those who believe that everything is a bit pointless.
Ramón Gomez de la Serna, “Gravity and importance of humour”

In Noche cañón, Sofia Asencio works in collaboration with Beatriz Lobo, Jorge Nieto and Tomàs Aragay to find a unique way of generating text within the stand-up comedy genre.
A piece that interacts directly with the audience and in which the limits of the archetypal forms of humour and spite are shifted by working with rhythm, silences, paradoxes, nonsense, overacting and phraseology.

Societat Doctor Alonso, directed by Tomas Aragay (theatre director and dramaturg) and Sofia Asencio (dancer and choreographer) has constructed a language that has as one of its key features the concept of displacement. Of putting something outside its proper place, location or space in order to examine how this displacement modifies language both in its constituent grammar and in the reading that an observer can make: displacing in order to reveal.
This displacing manoeuvre has proved an effective tool for the generation of spaces of poetic narrative that question the status quo of our understanding of reality.

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