Co-production 2020



Duration: 60 min


30/01-2/02 Antic Teatre | Barcelona, Catalonia
07/02 CC El Coll | Barcelona, Catalonia
28/02 CC Can Clariana | Barcelona, Catalonia
12/12 | CC Can Clariana (Barcelona) – CANCELED


Idea and creation: Sagan (Blanca Garcia, Elena López, David Mallols)
Interpreters: Blanca García and David Mallols
Text and Set Design: Sagan
Lighting, video and technique: Daniel Miracle
Scientific advice: Angela Garcia

Co-production: Antic Teatre, Asociación Cultural 3000 Ducados

Artistic residence: CC Can Clariana, CC de El Coll

Technical residence: NauEstruch (Sabadell)


We are the legacy of 15 billion years of cosmic evolution. You and I. So, in this space-time, we have decided to travel to nature’s own territories to include them in the language of the stage. We would like our bodies to orbit the narration of a universe that, indifferent to our movements, provides us with the setting for reflection and action.
A voyage that tries to reconfigure the ego by narrating a world that does not revolve around us. A world we are neither above nor below, but in, reconsidering the value each human has for the others. A personal journey outside every person, beyond and to the limits of our understanding.
Walking the path of doubt. Doubting everything. Discovering ourselves.

Sagan are three voices: Blanca García-LLadó, David Mallols Tomás y Elena López Lanzarote. We met in Barcelona through a series of coincidences, as is the way of most things. This encounter led to the formation of Sagan (in reference to the astronomer and commentator), a collective to develop a project around the subject of “cosmos”.
We’re a triangle. A geometric shape that tries to provide meaning to the collective and to our encounters via performance, visual, and fine arts. Three different life stories that have come together to tell the story of the cosmos: laniakea.
Laniakea in Hawaiian means “immeasurable skies” and this is the name given to the family of galaxies to which we belong.


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