Co-production 2017

Rubén Ramos Nogueira

Gibbons amateur

Duration: 60 min


3, 10, 17, 24 & 30/03 Nyam Nyam | Barcelona, Catalonia
31/03 Soon in Tokyo | Barcelona, Catalonia
13/05 Teatro Pradillo | Madrid

29 & 30/6 – 1 & 2/07 Antic Teatre | Barcelona, Catalonia
29/09 Festival TNT | Terrassa, Catalonia
10/11 Teatro Raro – Ciudadistrito | Madrid

3, 4 & 6/01 Teatros del Canal | Madrid
21/01 Sala Apolo | Barcelona, Catalonia


Devised and performed by: Rubén Ramos Nogueira
Music: Orlando Gibbons
Support: Espai Nyamnyam
Co-produced by: Antic Teatre 


Amateur applies the concept of amateur porn to music. Imagine that sex were restricted to professionals, that only porn actors could fuck and that nobody else dared to have sex as a non-professional. Imagine that making love for love of the art was lost little by little until it disappeared. And now imagine the opposite. Imagine that the aim of the working classes is not the right to work but the right to be lazy. Imagine that we take from the elites one of those hard drugs they so zealously guard: classical music. In this first episode I play renaissance piano music while telling you a few things about the hard drugs aspect of music, urban tribes, mediums and a few ancestral flavours that should not be lost to oblivion.

Rubén Ramos Nogueira (Santa Coloma de Gramenet, 1973) is a musician, writer and performer. He has written and directed Master, a fiction series in a range of formats: book, video, blog and radio broadcast. He is part of the electronic music outfit Novios. In the past he was Master Ramos in Maravilla + Ramos, a group that disbanded after filming Da Svidania Pianino in Kazakhstan. He is currently working on the second episode of Amateur, Goldberg amateur, in which he proposes to play the Goldberg Variations in a new amateur porn session. He started playing them thirty years ago, and will continue to try again and again because he believes he will never manage to play them like a professional porn actor. Not that he wants to. He prefers amateur porn.


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