June 25-27, 2021



Friday, June 25th at 8 pm
Saturday, June 26th at 8 pm
Sunday, June 27th at 8 pm
Duration: 40 min
Tickets: 12 euros ONLINE // 15 euros BOX OFFICE


Artistic direction and performance: Raquel Gualtero
Music composition: Rodrigo Rammsy
Lighting design: Arnau Sala
Dramaturgy consultant: Lipi Hernandez

Thanks to: Amaranta Velarde, Raquel Klein, Miguel Fiol, Pere Faura, Aurora Bauzà, Cesar Lopez, Montse Roig, Marina Cardona and Jordi Andújar

Coproduction: Antic Teatre

With the support of: La Caldera Les Corts, nunArt Guinardó, Convent de les Arts (Alcover).


Orama wants to be an ‘impossible’ mix against a background of fantasy, sense of humour and a touch of hope. A progressive parade towards the capacity for transformation and crescendo. We approach the drama of rootlessness, where today’s society has led us, and in which loneliness, defenselessness and emptiness appear as the main identifying features.

Internet and social networks, ever-present in our day-to-day existence, have invaded us and have become (almost) our only means of connecting with the outside. We’ve proved that we don’t need our bodies for almost anything, not even for desire and hardly at all for work. What specific impact and impression will new technologies leave in the essence and sensibility of humankind? What fate awaits the body, which up until now defined our humanity and on which our condition as humanoids rested?

At the same time, we can perceive that the situation of society can be likened more and more to those ‘no places’ where individuals, even in their own terrain, are ever more displaced, more foreign. We live by moving between ‘waiting rooms’, surrounded by images evoking earthly paradises which most people will never get to know. ‘No places’ which the masses will never be able to access. So, where are we headed, both individually and collectively?

Raquel Gualtero Soriano graduated in contemporary dance from the Theater School / Higher School of Arts, Amsterdam in 2005. A year later she received the danceWEB grant, part of the Vienna ImPulsTanz festival. She has worked internationally as a dancer for companies such as Scottish Dance Theatre, Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre and Romeo Castellucci among others, and nationally with directors including Àngels Margarit, Àlex Rigola, and Pere Faura as well as many more. Her debut as an author came in 2005 with Blanco, which was included in the renowned Its International Theaterschool Festival. Her piece Persona won the Injuve 2011 award for young creators. Brut, Nua and Amaro are her other works as a choreographer. This year, she has begun a collaboration with Raquel Klein, and together they are La rebelión de las aburridas. Orama is an Antic Teatre coproduction that will premiere at the end of June. 

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