Antic production 2016

Mos Maiorum

Mos Maiorum (el costum dels avantpassats)

Duration: 50 min.


01/10  Festival TNT | Terrassa, Catalonia
21/10 Leal LAV – Teatro Leal | Tenerife, Canary Islands
28/10 L’Estruch | Sabadell, Catalonia
15-18/12 Antic Teatre | Barcelona, Catalonia

03/03 Teatre de l’Aurora | Igualada, Catalonia
01 & 02/04 Sala La Planeta | Girona, Catalonia
14/05 Ateneu Candela | Terrassa, Catalonia
18/05 Casa Elizalde | Barcelona, Catalonia
20/05 Centre Recreatiu i Cultural | Mongat, Catalonia
20/06 Antic Teatre | Barcelona, Catalonia
13-16/07 Antic Teatre | Barcelona, Catalonia
23 & 24/09 La Casa Encendida | Madrid
04/11 Las Naves | València, Valencia Community

13 & 14/01  Festival Escena Abierta | Burgos, Casetle and León
15/02 Teatre Modern | Prat de Llobregat, Catalonia
22/03 Teatre Princilap d’Olot | Olot, Catalonia
9,14,15,21,22,29/04 & 6,13/5/18 La Villarroel | Barcelona, Catalonia
13/04 La Mostra d’Igualada | Igualada, Catalonia
11-14/09 Nave73 | Madrid
28/09 Teatre Municipal Berga | Berga, Catalonia
19-20/10 Café de las Artes | Igualada, Catalonia
3-4/11 La Fundición | Bilbao, Basque Country
15-16/11 Teatre Raval | Gandia, Basque Country
13-16/12 Carme Teatre | València, Valencia Community

08/02 Pavelló de l’Oli | Les Borges Blanques, Catalonia



Performers: Ireneu Tranis, Alba Valldaura and Mariona Naudin
Artistic director: Mònica Almirall
Sound and lighting design: Po

Resident company at NunArt, l’Estruch and La Poderosa
Co-produced with Antic Teatre, CAET and LeaLav (Tenerife)

With the support of the Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya

“More than 27.000 people have died in the Mediterranean since year 2000.A non stop growing avalanche of people desperate enough to risk their lives one time and another wishing to arrive Europe’s land. How many voices are 27.000? How many regards, how many gestures? And how many hands and live will still try it again? Can we stop for a second? Can we hear just one voice? See a gesture? Listen a word? Touch a hand?”

Mos Maiorum (The way to the elders) is a documentary theatre play based on the Verbatim* technique. An scenic device that transports directly the audience to both sides of the frontier witnessing themselves and knowing in first hand the testimony and the main characters of this forgotten conflict.

All the appearing characters in the play are real and were recorded by Mos Maiorum team on diferent travels to Melilla, Nador, Tangier and Ceuta, as well as in Barcelona and Malaga.

*Verbatim: Trough interview and sound recordings a dramaturgy is created. The players just reproduce as truly as they can, with every pause, accent, imperfection and tone, creating a truthfulness feeling. It di uses the actors and brings the testimony right into the scene.

First price winning project of the “Caravana de Trailers ‘15” of the Festival TNT-Terrassa Noves Tendències.

Ireneu Tranis, Mariona Naudin and Alba Valldaura are performance creators. All three trained in Physical Theatre at Barcelona’s Institut de Teatre. Professionally, each has created solo work as well as performing for other directors and choreographers. Now they are getting together for the first time to present this common project, contributing their individual experience in order to provide a stage for a subject that they believe is being silenced and needs to be spoken about to create and spread awareness.


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