Antic Production 2015

Abast Elàstic


Duration: 45 min.

Creation: Carles Casallachs and Marina Colomina
Performers: Carles Casallachs and Marina Colomina
Dramaturgy: Macarena Recuerda
Set and Costume design: Abast Elàstic
Video design: Carme Gomila, Abast Elàstic
Sound design: Carles Tardio, Abast Elàstic
Production: Mònica Pérez
Management: Semolinika Tomic

Laboratori de Creació 2015 Fira Tàrrega
Antic Teatre and Fira Tàrrega production
With the support of the Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya


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A.U.R.A. is a choreographic event that needs the audience to exist. Under the pretext of reading the aura and offering a pseudo-therapeutic session, the masters of ceremony put the audience under their attention. A theatre-dance show, an installation based on interaction, among the different languages used at the scene (dance, text, visuals and music) and with the public, that will be the focus of the performance. A playful, fun and participatory ritual that moves from belief to criticism, from adult cynicism to the most childish fascination.

Carles Cassallachs and Marina Colomina, both choreographers and visual artists, after graduating together at SNDO in Amsterdam, and have presented their works in theaters, festivals and galleries in Holland, Belgium, Germany, USA, Portugal, Poland, Slovenia, Italy, Denmark, UK, Scotland and Catalonia, decide to start Abast Elàstic.
Abast Elàstic arises from the shared need to increase communication,to reach sensitive mechanisms for approaching a higger spectrum of viewers, without compromising our passion for the complexity and experimentation.


>>> Watch Abast Elàstic A.U.R.A. (FULL SHOW) – CATALÀ version

>>> Watch Abast Elàstic A.U.R.A. (FULL SHOW) – spanish version

>> Watch Abast Elàstic A.U.R.A. (FULL SHOW) – english version

To watch the videos of the full show please request passwords, email to

Viewing reserved for professionals.


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