Co-production 2016

POLLO CAMPERO, comidas para llevar

Las actrices siempre mienten

Duration: 60 min


3-4,8-11/12 Antic Teatre | Barcelona, Catalonia

25/03 Ca2 Centro de Arte de dos de Mayo | Madrid
08/07 Royal Exchanfe Theatre – Flare Festival | Manchester, United Kingdom
20/07 Teatre Metropo (FITT) | Tarragona, Catalonia
7 y 8/10 La Fundición | Bilbao, Basque Country
13 y 14/10 Café de las Artes | Santander, Cantabria
27 y 28/10 Espacio Cinético Taktá | Cáceres, Extremadura
02/11 Festival Cena Cumplicidades | Recife, Brasil
11 y 12/11 Teatro Victoria | Tenerife, Canary Islands
17-20/11 Escuela de Teatro Antzoki | Pamplona, Navarre
24/11 Festival In-Tacto | Victoria, Basque Country
15-17/12 Sala Ultramar | València, Valencia Community

15/03 Teatre Principal | Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands
19 y 20/09 La Casa Encenduda – Festival IDEM | Madrid
26/10 Sala TNT | Sevilla, Andalusia
30/11 Centro Cultural Eduardo Úrculo | Madrid
01/12 Centro Cultural los Rosales | Madrid

10/10 Sala Kutxa Kultur Fluba, Tabakalera | Sant Sebastián, Basque Country

Actresses: Gloria March Chulvi and Cris Celada
Movement consultant: Amaranta Velarde
Technique: Sergio Roca
Sales and distribution: Tatiana Sánchez Garland

Co-production: Antic Teatre Espai de Creació, Barcelona
In collaboration with: El Graner, Barcelona i La Poderosa, Barcelona

LAS ACTRICES SIEMPRE MIENTEN(Actresses always lie) is a dramatic investigation based on the stereotypes and themes associated with the actress (what does an actress know how to do just by being one?) using these as an excuse and transcending them in order to talk about things we’re interested in as creators and individuals (love, family, job insecurity, politics, death). We start by assuming that everything that happens on a stage is an agreed lie, we no longer care about truth on stage, we understand that everything is a construct around the truth, with more or fewer elements of truth, but still a lie. We also understand that in life everything is a construct, everything is a lie.

EL POLLO CAMPERO. COMIDAS PARA LLEVAR emerged in March 2012 and presented its first draft for a piece a few months later at the La Poderosa IN-FORMALS (Barcelona, November 2012). From then on, the company continued to investigate and try out new performance ideas until the premiere of their first completed work, SEKVANTARO. PIEZAS CODEPENDIENTES DE DURACIÓN RELATIVA EN LAS QUE LAS ACTRICES INTENTARÁN NO HACER TEATRO as part of the international festival for new creators V CENIT (TNT-Atalaya), where they were awarded best show.
After this, they performed at various festivals, including ACT, where they also received the prize for best director. At the same time, they were awarded best newcomer at the second Andalusian Theatre Awards.

At present they are touring this first piece around various festivals and venues (GREC-Antic Teatre Barcelona, LEAL LAV-Tenerife, Escena Abierta-Burgos, Festival InTacto-Vitoria, FRINGE-Matadero de Madrid, Festival Fronterizo-Santander, Espacio Labruc-Madrid, Ateneo MuchaVida-Madrid, Espacio Escénico DT-Madrid, Espacio Taktá-Cáceres, Sala Ultramar-Valencia), performing workshops and preparing the tour dates for their second show, LAS ACTRICES SIEMPRE MIENTEN, which has been selected as part of the Network of Alternative Theatres Circuit).

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