Co-production 2018


“¿Sabes lo que quieres?”

Duration: 80 min


29/09 – 2/10 Sala Ultramar | Valencia, Valencia Community

5-8/04 Antic Teatre | Barcelona, Catalonia
1-3/11 Teatro Pradillo | Madrid


Direction and dramaturgy: Mario Pons
Assistant Director: Pablo Gervasoni
Performers: Isaac Fortezza, Cris Celada
Acknowledgments: David Mallols, Carmen Juana Tomás Pons, La Poderosa.

This piece is about a journey back and forth from reality to fantasy, moving constantly between the two worlds until we can’t tell one from the other. It’s about falling asleep and seeing things even more clearly than when we’re fully awake. It’s about altering a memory until it’s more bearable and turning it into a story that helps us keep going.

Mario Pons holds a degree in Drama from Off, a theatre and cinema school in Valencia.
He also completed Berty Tovias’s Theatre Studies Course in Barcelona.
He has been working for El Conde de Torrefiel in the show Scenes for a conversation after viewing a Michael Haneke film both in Spain and abroad since 2011.
As of 2016 he began to develop his own work as a playwright and director, showing his piece Do you know what you want? in Barcelona and Valencia.


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