5-8 September 2024

María Jurado


Thursday, 5th September at 8 pm
Friday, 6th September at 8 pm
Saturday, 7th September at 8 pm
Sunday, 8th September at 8 pm
Languages: spanish
Duration: 60 minutes
Recommended age: +15 years old
Warning: This work contains strobe lights, direct interaction with the audience and smoke machine
Tickets: 14 euros ONLINE // 16 euros BOX OFFICE

Director: María Jurado + co-creation with the whole team.
Cocreation: Macarena Bielski López
Performers: María Jurado and Macarena Bielski
Sound space and musical composition: Nina Emocional
Lighting and set design:: David Corral
Design and visual creation: Manuel Pita-Romero
Costume design: 3formas
Production: Maria Jurado and David Corral.
Artistic accompaniment: María Jeréz

Co-production: Antic Teatre.
Artistic residency support: Graner (Barcelona), Réplika Teatro (Madrid), TenerifeLAV (Tenerife).

Acknowledgements: to Maca, Nina, David, Manu, Irene and María, for their trust and work. To Roberto Fratini. To the family of Réplika Teatro.


@juradomaria_ @bielskibielska @manusapiro @nina.emocional @david.corral.lamelas

#artistas #local #spooky

Spooky is a fight against the individual or a performance where two women create a stage setup inspired by the codes of suspense cinema and trash cinema: handmade media and aesthetics intervene directly in the space, creating a fragmented narrative that generates a sense of uncertainty, engaging the audience and highlighting rifts between reality and fiction.

The stage represents a metaphor of the brain, which receives information, patterns and projections that our individual beliefs construct around ourselves, creating an apparently impenetrable but speedily tortuous ‘bell jar’.

María Jurado is an artist, choreographer, performer and researcher based in Barcelona. She navigates between the limits of conceptual dance and performance. Each of her creations forces her to think differently, investigating the limits of the format. She studied at the Institut del Teatre. In 2022 she premiered the piece Black Sun at the Grec Festival in Barcelona. She participated in the creation process of the piece Mágica y elástica by Cuqui Jerez and received the Danceweb 2023 scholarship. Spooky was born as a residency project in Graner thanks to the collaboration of artist Macarena Bielski López and, later, the combined strength of a multidisciplinary team. The project aims to be able to investigate and delve deeper through creation, action and continuous thought.

Imatge: Macarena Bielski
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