Duration: 60 min


26-27/05 | Pati del Palau de la Virreina (Barcelona)

19/02 | Escenas do Cambio – Cidade da Cultura (Gaiás, Santiago de Compostela) – CANCEL·LAT
26/02 | Festival Metamorfose – Palau Van Zaller (Lisboa)
27/03 | Festival Meet You (Valladolid)
28/4 | Teatre Ateneu de Tàrrega (Final del Premi BBVA de Teatre)
21/5 | Festival Escenas do Cambio – Centro Gaiás – Cidade da Cultura (Santiago de Compostela)
5/06 | ADN Platform (Sant Cugat)

9-12/01 Antic Teatre | Barcelona, Catalunya
13/03 ADN Platform | San Cugat del Vallès, Catalunya
28/11 | Adn Platform (Sant Cugat del Vallès) – CANCEL·LAT
17-20/12 | Antic Teatre (Barcelona)

27/09 Jazz Cava – Festival TNT | Terrassa, Catalunya


Idea, dramaturgy and direction: Marc Caellas and David G. Torres
Performers: Esteban Feune de Colombi and Sara Vidal
Musician: M.O.N.K. (Antonio Miyagi & JpBalcazar)
Music: Dalmau Boada
Lighting: Conrado Parodi
Film: Zoe London
Photography: Elena Blanco
Assistant director: Alba Sáez
Audiovisual Graphic Design: Ladyssenyadora
Poster design: Alex Gifreu

Artistic Production: Carolina Olivares

Produced by Marc Caellas, David G. Torres, Antic Teatre and Festival TNT

Thanks to: Anna Caellas, Centro Cultural Conde Duque, David Monsó, Pedro Hugo, Raquel Friera, Laura Gamberg, La Infinita, Andere Monjo, Rafael Camps and Miguel Ángel Sánchez, Isabel Salgado, Abel Palacio


Does not talking about suicide prevent suicide? Are those who are terrified by death also afraid of life?
Why aren’t suicide notes sad? Do only optimists commit suicide?

Suicide notes are an attempt to establish communication. By marking and explaining the decision to leave life, notes outlast it forever.

Suicide Notes is a creation by Marc Caellas and David G. Torres that considers suicide and its taboo status. An audiovisual concert based on the final texts left by brilliant writers, artists and musicians, celebrated by a musician and an actress in a collective catharsis to stay alive. It’s the warm up for a concert and also a concert; the warm up for a suicide and … also the celebration of life.

Marc Caellas is an artist who works with words, theatre, and performance on hybrid projects that become books, plays or installations.
His piece El paseo de Robert Walser, a walkabout piece of theatre that traverses the streets of a neighbourhood, jointly created with Esteban Feune de Colombi, has been on the road since 2012. He has published four books: Carcelona, Caracaos, Drogotá and Teatro del bueno. 

David G. Torres is an art critic, exhibition curator and professor.
He has written a novel, Cielo, and an essay, No más mentiras, republished in 2019 by Can Editions. Using Cielo as a source he has developed several projects: two exhibitions at ADN Platform (La balada de Wendy and Hablar por boca ajena); and a stage adaptation, Cielo TV, codirected with Marc Caellas.



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