September 10-13, 2020


El Origen de la Bestia

Thursday, September 10th at 8pm
Friday, September 11th at 8pm
Saturday, September 12th at 8pm
Sunday, September at 13th at 8pm
Duration: 50 min
Tickets: 12 euros ONLINE // 15 euros BOX OFFICE

Devised and performed by: Alejandra Sol Mandli Varela, Maribel Bayona, and David Franch


We wait for a trigger signal to perform an action or to take a decision. The signal for saying enough, that’s as far as it goes, the signal for liberation. It could be an event, a person, a place, a time, our fed-upness, the knowledge of something, a chance act, an ill-spoken word, a blow, a kiss, a caress…. The signal is a slight noise in the silence, a deer glimpsed through the trees, an encounter, a goodbye, a gesture, a chair in the skies…

Maribel Bayona, Valencia (1979) is an actress and dramaturge and has directed her own work as well as assisting other directors on numerous occasions. She holds a degree in Spanish from the University of Valencia, where she also obtained her doctorate, presenting her thesis, Las salas alternativas valencianas (1994-2009). Análisis de sus estructuras y modelos de programación y producción, in 2009 and obtaining an Advanced Studies Diploma.

Since 2003 she has been a founding member, performer in the company and programmer for Espacio Inestable and Teatro de lo Inestable, which she began co-directing in 2014. She has also worked on creation project El punto g with Gabi Ochoa and co-founded Dársena Producciones with Jéssica Belda and Jose Banyuls.

She trained as actress and dancer at the Centro Teatral Escalante and has worked with professionals such as Joe Allegado, James Carles, Ramón Oller, Dominik Borucki, Rocío Pérez, Santi de la Fuente, Jorge Picó, Antonio Diaz Zamora, Fabricio Meschini, Carolina Boluda, Paz Rojo and Idoia Zabaleta, among others. She has been directed by Ita Agaard, Juan Mandli, Chema Cardeña, Pachi Fenollar, Mamen García, Manel Cubedo, Antonio Diaz Zamora, Gemma Miralles, Jacobo Pallarés, Eva Zapico, Joan Miquel Reig, Alejandra Garrido, Ángel Ojea, Gabriel Ochoa, Claudio Hochmann, Pedro Lozano, Xavier Puchades, Victoria Salvador, Anna Albaladejo, Kika Garcelán and Carles Sanjaime.

She has had 5 texts published and has authored numerous others, most of which have been for her own or other artists’ projects.

Alejandra Sol Mandli Varela (Valencia, 1980) is an actress who has been living in Valencia since 1995. She has worked on numerous dance and theatre works as well as on short films and television with creators such as Jacobo Pallarés, Manuel Valls, Eva Zapico, Hadi Kurich, Juanpa Mendiola, Yoshua Cienfuegos, Nilda Varela, Lluis Pascual, Jose Luis Alonso de Santos, Inma Sancho, Alejandro Jornet, Fabrizio Meschini, Pedo Navarro, Els Comediants…

David Franch (Barcelona, 1972) is a performance creator, dramaturge and actor. Co-director of La Buena Compañía. In his work he gives the same importance to text, music, movement and the audiovisual element.

As a creator, dramaturge and performer, he co-directed for Amaranto with Lídia González and Ángeles Císcar between 2001 and 2011; and co-directed Colectivo 96º with performer and creator Lídia González Zoilo between 2008 and 2012, receiving recognition in the field of contemporary performance and backing from several institutions. In 2012 he began a new period as an independent creator, in collaboration with video creator Mercè Moreno, and together they created El último enemigo, co-produced by CAET Terrassa, Escena Poblenou and Antic Teatre and premiered at TNT Festival, Terrassa.

1n 2013 he founded La Buena Compañía with Arantza López.

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