20th and 21st May

Macarena Recuerda Shepherd

Collage and Action The workshop and the Show

Family workshop + show
Saturday 20th May: Workshop - 17:00 // Show - 18:00
Sunday 21st May: worshop 12:00 // Show- 13:00

>> Over 6 years old
Duration: Taller 45. Min / Espectacle 45 min (descans de 15 min entre taller i espectacle)
Tickets: Workshop: 2€ per person / show: adults 6€, children 4€ // Workshop + show: adults 7€, children 5€

Un proyecto de Macarena Recuerda Shepherd

Con la colaboración de Josunene, Gorka Bilbao y Nikola Zoilo

Producido por MiCarteraPatrocina con la ayuda de Azkuna Zentroa, Bilbao Eszena y Sala Baratza.


The workshop: Collage and action
An introductory workshop to the world of collage: with a board game and some collage techniques, we discover the world of collage using play.

The show: Collage and action
A participatory piece for all the family. A space in which to build new realities. What would happen if we changed the names of things? Or if we put them to different uses? And what if we imagined a body were an object and an object several bodies? And what if when we moved a chair it sounded like a horse, or if a mic stand smelled like a flower? Collage and Action is a game with rules where the players are not competing, just creating.

Macarena Recuerda Shepherd has trained in performance arts, visual arts and dance. She holds a degree from the Institut del Teatre (Barcelona) but she is really interested in participative projects that aim to create new ways of engaging with art.
Since 2012 her research revolves around the role of the spectator; she invents new spaces in which to play, create and think in company.

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