Co-production 2015

Los Moñekos


Duration: 45 min

Concept and directors: Los Moñekos
Performers: Sarah Anglada and Miquel Fiol
Texts: Enric Alvarez and Los Moñekos
Lightning and sound technician: Ganecha Gil
Graphic design: Manualex and EL Mandril
Photography: Tristán Pérez-Martín
Music: Los Moñekos, Filastine

Los Moñekos - Yi-Ha

YI-HA wends its dusty way towards the harsh and arid life of the Old, Wild and Far West. A road leading who knows where. Two on the road, on this sinful road. The story of how two complement each other; one cannot exist without the other, even though they will kill each other. Hand to hand duels: two opponents fighting until only one survives. Songs spat out until the strongest lion roars.
Victory will come, but it won’t be the end.
With or without you, but killing me softly.
…the wind will whisper the melody of their pain…

Los Moñekos are Sarah Anglada and Miguel Fiol. They are indigenous, self-sufficient, self-satisfied, they are fully authorized but can, could, and may cause some kind of alien disorder.
The company was born in 2010, fluctuating between dance and theatre, voice and object manipulation, humour and surrealism.


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