Co-production 2019

Los detectives

Pienso casa, digo silla

Duration: 60 min


17-20/06 | Antic Teatre (Barcelona)
26-27/06 | L’Animal a l’Esquena (Celrà)
25/09 | Circular Festival (Porto, Portugal)
28/09 | Festival Russafa Escénica – La Rambleta (Valencia)
23/10 | BAD Festival (Bilbao)

08/02 Mercat de les Flors – Festival Sâlmon< | Barcelona, Catalunya

4-7/07 Antic Teatre – Festival GREC 2019 | Barcelona, Catalunya


An Antic Teatre proposal with the support of Grec 2019 Festival of Barcelona

Concept: Mariona Naudin, María García Vera, Marina Colomina
Creators: Mariona Naudin, María García Vera, Amaranta Velarde
Dramaturgy: Sofía Asencio
Technical direction and lighting design: Daniel Miracle
Lightning: Pablo Schvarzman

Co-produced by: Antic Teatre – Espai de Creació, Grec Festival 2019 Barcelona

Additional support: La Caldera, Antic Teatre, Graner. Centre de creació de dansa i arts vives, Festival SÂLMON<

With the support of the Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya


Pienso casa, digo silla is a continuation of our previous joint piece Kopfkino, where we took on the personae of female cinematic bodies to question the influence of fiction in the construction of our identities. This time we are focusing on the experiencies of visionary women of the Middle Ages, to examine what belief means in our secularised world.

What is a visionary experience and how can it be translated into the world today? In this era of dead images, what value can be placed on imagination?

Our work revolves around the potential that faith and complete devotion have to stimulate the minds of our audience. Prophetic visions, cathartic hypnoses, anachronistic dances, songs from beyond… We take a look at the past to recover something we seem to have lost in this posthumous time of the present.

Los Detectives is a company based in Barcelona and consisting of Mariona Naudin, María García Vera, Marina Colomina and Laia Cabrera (with Sofía Asencio). Resident artists at Graner and La Caldera, their work revolves around the female body and its cultural significance. The result is an unusual kind of theatrical choreography or choreographed theatre that exhudes humour.


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