October 3rd, 2020



Saturday, October 3rd at 8pm
Duration: 60 min
Tickets: 10 euros ONLINE & BOX OFFICE

Poems and voice: Laura Sam
Music: Nazareno and Juan Escribano


Incendiaria is a project that manifests on stage as a repertory of texts written and read by Laura Sam (Laura Soto), the voice that will bring alive a poetry that is, above all, direct, solid, critical, and true, but also permeable to moments that recognise its fragility. All enveloped in the sounds of Nazareno (Quique Sánchez), creator of the acoustic atmosphere that steers this singular event, in which oral poetry is combined with electronic music sourced from a variety of sounds, including industrial, ambient and experimental.

Laura Soto is Laura Sam, and Laura Sam is the word unleashed and true poetry that leaps from the page to the stage, like a chrysalis that bursts open in all its glory in the presence of the audience. There is nothing but truth hammered home in her poetry, amplified, complemented and catapulted by the accompaniment provided by Nazareno, goldsmith of dark sounds and electronic music, who envelops the open wound that Laura Sam’s verse prophesies.

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