An Antic Teatre project with support from GREC 2022 Festival of Barcelona

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JULY 7-10 at 8 pm
Aquellas que no deben morir
[ new drama ]

“Those that should not die” is a project that approaches the idea, management and economy of death. In an hedonistic and hyperpositive society that glorifies youth and delays the reality of finitude, we proffer to explore the social and political structures that govern death in order to enable tools that disrupt the dominant speech. At the center of the creation of the project ran into a global paradigm shift that shaked us in all fields of life. [+ read more]


JULY 14-17 at 8 pm
Las cosas
[ new drama ]

Las cosas exposes the relative importance of objects. How they exist both outside people and inside people. The performance piece juggles humour and paradox to play with the idea of the value of things and the possibilities of having, keeping or thinking things. Los Torreznos, like any two ordinary people, pose questions and try to understand how ‘things’ are done. What things are in your head? What things do you need? How do beings that weren’t things become things? Where do we keep things? etc. [+ read more]


JULY 22-24 at 8 pm
Antic Teatre’s Community artístic group with the support of Marta Galán Sala and Montserrat Iranzo i Domingo
Les vedettes
Community stage arts]

American musicals marked an era for people in other countries who, on the other side of the Atlantic, lived lives that were incredibly different from those they saw on the big screen. But what if that fascinating world was hiding mechanisms for political and economic domination geared towards diluting the class war? This is the conceptual starting line for a new stage experience with the neighbours of Ciutat Vella who are part of the Antic Teatre’s artistic community project. [+ read more]

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