July 4th to 27th



An Antic Teatre project with support from GREC 2018 Festival of Barcelona

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July 4 to 6 at 8pm
¡AY! ¡YA! (Performance/ New body languages)

¡AY! ¡YA! is an illusion that allows us perceive reality in different ways as prompted by imagination or caused by the tricks our sight plays on us. A dance performance for all the family. An excuse to meet again.  [+ INFO]

July 7 to 15 at 8pm
Agnés Mateus & Quim Tarrida
Rebota Rebota y en tu cara explota  (New drama)

Life should blow up in our faces more often…
Women have been murdered at the rate of two a week for the past 10 years and as women we still have to defend and justify ourselves to the people who listen to us. But let’s not forget to hold a minute of silence outside the town hall after every death.
We go out and celebrate football in our hundreds of thousands. We eat the plastic we throw into the stomachs of the fish that we have for supper. We sell each other our flats and apartments at prices we couldn’t afford ourselves and then we campaign against tourism. Our friends have become politicians and now live in offices.
We women don’t “lose” our lives; we are murdered. Let’s start by calling things by their proper name. [+ INFO]

July 19 & 20 at 8pm
LA REALIDAD (Performance/ New drama)

What the various artistic vanguards of the 20th century do about the relation between art and life is to analyse, confront, question, and intervene the axioms that define society’s “reality” at any given moment. The concept of Art and Life leads to working on the realities of daily existence…
In this instance, the piece plays with the situation on stage. It analyses where we are, spectators and actors alike, and what it is we see. To what we pay attention, what has value, and why. [+ INFO]

July 21 & 22 at 8pm
Antigone Jr. ++ / Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at The Judson Church (Plus) (New body languages)

Antigone Jr. Plus Plus is the PLUS size in the Twenty Looks series. In American and English naming tradition, a junior (jr.) is the son of a father with the same name. Thus, with Antigone Jr., the New York choreographer Trajal Harrell purposely scales down Sophocles’ tragedy to the playwright’s first scene depicting the relationship between Antigone and her sister Ismene; and their tragic fate. [+ INFO]

July 26 & 27 at 8pm
Xarxa de cures, ahir i avui (ART i PART)
Rebomboris (New body lenguages)

This performance piece is the end result of community arts project Xarxa de cures, ahir i avui (Care networks of today and yesterday), which is part of the ART i PART programme instigated by Barcelona Cultural District (Institute of Culture – Ajuntament de Barcelona). It’s a joint creation between local residents and Antic Teatre, La Bonne – Centre de Cultura de Dones Francesca Bonnemaison, Sindillar/Sindihogar, Mescladís and TUDANZAS. The project, a collaborative performance, takes as its starting point and subject the pre-existing, extensive, local networks of shared care and mutual support between women that historians Isabel Segura and Milagros Rivera are recovering with their research. The piece explores the changes these networks have undergone and at the same time assesses the extent to which they are part of today’s society. The word “rebomboris” (commotion) of the title is our inspiration in that it evokes the spontaneous movements of revolt through which women have fought to survive and demanded basic living conditions for themselves and their communities. [+ INFO]

What is the Grec Festival of Barcelona?
The Grec Festival of Barcelona is the main event in the city with theatre, dance, music and circus. It’s a festival with a long history and which in 2018 celebrates its fortieth-two edition. Not only has the Grec become the main cultural attraction of the summer in Barcelona during this time, but also as a reference point in the European festival calendar. [+ read more]

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