November 24-27, 2022


Pupilas pintaban mis sábanas. Quadre #1: Cheli

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Thursday, November 24th at 8 pm
Friday, November 25th at 8 pm
Saturday, November 26th at 8 pm
Sunday, November 27th at 8 pm
Languages: Spanish, Catalan
Duration: 80 min
Tickets: 12 euros ONLINE // 15 euros TAQUILLA

with Novaveu

Concept and creation: Lalínea
Original idea and dramaturgy: Erik Forsberg
Directed by: Úrsula Tenorio
Stage direction: Úrsula Tenorio
Performed by: Erik Forsberg
Audio testimony: José Regalón
Stage design and ilustrator: Lucía Valenzuela
Sound design and live music: Sergio Camacho
Light design: Ivan Cascon
Executive production: Rut Girona, Úrsula Tenorio and Erik Forsberg
Therapeutic support: Carlota Subirós
With the support of: Nau Ivanow, CC Parc Sandaru (Kinètic), Beques Premis Barcelona 2020, Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya.
Collaborators: Sara Morón, Mariano Romero, Eli López, Montse Alonso, Patrícia Colomera, Montse Grífols, Cris García (PADS team), Marta Torrens (Institut de Neuropsiquiatria i Addiccions del Hospital del Mar, Josep Rovira (Energy Control), Dani Roca (CAS Baluard – CAP Raval Sud) i David Riaza (CAP Carles Riba).
Coproduced by: Antic Teatre and Lalínea
Acknowledgments: Marc Tarrida, Cristina Fuentes, Raquel Cors, Anna Pérez, Aleix Castany, Joana Forcada, Alba Saura, Laura Riera, Marta Duran, Àlex Sanz, Margarida Troguet, Claudia Conde, Graciela Fisas, Andrea Buil, Guillem Manzanares, Aitana Bellido, Júlia Barbany, Andrea Marinel·lo, Marcel Fenocchio, Aina Juanet, Itziar Barriobero, Nora Baylach, Lokas Juanas, Marc Selva, Núria Repiso, Ana Bustamante and Panos Achniotis.


Cheli is the protagonist of the first chapter of Pupilas pintaban mis sábanas, a project depicting the real lives of heroin users from the 70s-90s in Barcelona. Since he was 18 through to today at 62, Cheli has used heroin. He began using in the 70s, in the Barcelona nights after Franco’s death and during trips to the mountains to experience transcendental introspection, in the hopes of discovering a new world of freedoms that he ended up sick of. The audio document of Cheli’s story is interwoven on stage with the voice and the body of Erik, his doctor, who dives into his patient’s universe looking for prospective answers to one question: how do we manage pleasure and pain in our contemporary society?

Lalínea is an artistic project that focuses on the creative process and on the dynamics that are generated between artistic action and audience. At the same time, they work with reality as raw material in an attempt to rewrite hegemonic discourse. Their stage productions propose variations on the performative conference format in order to directly question contemporary complex realities, while also exploring the poetics of everyday life through visual and sound rhetoric, thus offering unique sensory experiences.

Lalínea was born in 2019 in Barcelona. It was resident company at Teatre Lliure for the 20/21 season with the project José y la Barcelona disidente, which premiered at the Grec Festival de Barcelona 2021.

Pupilas pintaban mis sábanas. Quadre #1: Cheli
Lucía Valenzuela
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