4-7 April 2024

Marina Guiu Almenara

La Muda

Thursday, 4th April at 8 pm

Friday, 5th April at 8 pm
After-show with Albert Llimós. Journalist, writer and head of research for the newspaper ARA. Together with Núria Juanico, he writes reports on sexual abuse at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona and the Aula de Teatre de Lleida.

Saturday, 6th April at 8 pm
After-show with Vicki Bernadet, president of the Fundació Vicki Bernadet, which works on comprehensive care, prevention and awareness of sexual abuse of minors.

Sunday, 7th April at 8 pm
Languages: spanish
Duration: 75 minutes
Recommended age: +14 years old
Warning: This piece has strobe lights. Also, as the subject matter is child sexual abuse, this may cause a very direct and profound impact on some viewers, whether through bringing back memories or giving a name to buried feelings.
Tickets: 14 euros ONLINE // 16 euros BOX OFFICE

Text, dramaturgy and performance: Marina Guiu Almenara
Direction: Raquel Arnaiz Diego and Marina Guiu Almenara
Voice over for M child: Maia Vidal Huerta
Paintings, illustrations and design: Marina Guiu Almenara
Lightning design: Andrés Galián
Gender parity assessment: Raquel Arnaiz Diego
Audiovisuals: Júlia Latorre Barcala and Núria Gascón Bartomeu, Tristán Pérez-Martín and Adrià García Sarmiento
Stills: Júlia Latorre Barcala, Tristán Pérez-Martín and Adrià García Sarmiento
Teaser: Júlia Latorre Barcala
Video and trailer: Tristán Pérez-Martín
Production: Marina Guiu Almenara and Colectivo Hartístico
Assessors and collaborators: Vicki Bernadet Rius, Carla Vall i Durán, Dones a Escena and Nou Cercle

With support from: Can Felipa, Fabra i Coats, Nau Ivanow and Colectivo Hartístico.
With assessment from: Fundació Vicki Bernadet



Marina Guiu Almenara – Ig: @marinaguiu  Tw: @marina_guiu  Fb: @marinaguiualmenara
Raquel Arnaiz Diego – @raqarnaizd
Colectivo Hartístico – @colectivo.hartistico
Carla Vall – Ig: @carlavalld  Tw: @carlavall
Fundació Vicki Bernadet – Ig: @fvbernadet  Tw: @FVBernadet  Fb: @FVBernadet
Nou Cercle – Ig: @noucercle
Dones a Escena – Ig: @donesaescena  Tw: @donesaescena  Fb: @DonesAEscena
Can Felipa – Ig: @cccanfelipa  Tw: @CanFelipa  Fb: @cccanfelipa
Nau Ivanow – Ig: @nauivanow  Tw: @nauivanow  Fb: @nauivanow
Fabra i Coats – Ig: @fabraicoatsbcn  Tw: @fabraicoats  Fb: @fabraicoats

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March, 2011. Iceland. Eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcano. It’s been emitting warning signs for several days. It made the island tremble several times until the ground became unstable and it finally exploded. A few days later, M also exploded. She decided that she had to stop being the only one denouncing the man who used to abuse her as a child. But what happens when we don’t see ourselves as worthy victims?
This project is not solely artistic. We understand arts and culture as social and political tools with which to foster change, as well as provide a critical eye on this type of violence; and we have clear objectives: to create awareness and break the taboos surrounding this universal problem. And so create a safe place where children can be protected.

Marina Guiu Almenara is an artist and actress who trained in Dramatic Arts at Aula de Teatre in Lleida, the NIC Instituto del Cine of Madrid, the Theatre for the People (also in Madrid), on various courses held in Sala Beckett and with a range of professionals such as Bàrbara Mestanza, Àlex Rigola, Cesc Gay, Adán Black and Mario Gas, among others. Her training in Fine Arts took place at EAM Leàndre Cristòfol in Lleida, ESDIP Madrid, Taller la Madriguera in Barcelona and others.
She has been working both as a visual artist and a performance artist since 2014.
In 2021, she began creating La Muda during the course “EN TEMPS PRECÀRIS: REVOLUCIÓ!” held at Nau Ivanow, and in 2023 this was the resident project at Can Felipa.
She is a member of the COLECTIVO HARTÍSTICO as an actress, creator and graphic designer.

Imatge: Júlia Latorre Barcala
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