October 23-25, 2020

Junyi Sun / Kernel Dance Theatre


dansa. Quinzena metropo- litana
Friday, October 23rd at 8pm
Saturday, October 24th at 8pm
Sunday, October 25th at 8pm
Duration: 40 min
Tickets: 12 euros ONLINE // 15 euros BOX OFFICE

Author and performer: Junyi Sun
Direction advice: Piero Steiner
Dramaturgy: Claudia Mirambell, Junyi Sun
Dramaturgy advice: Roberto Fratini
Light design: Carles Borràs and Irene Ferrer
Sound design: Carlos Martorell
Audiovisuals: Jordi Arnal
Outside eye: Alma Steiner
Production: Marina Miguel / Kernel Dance Theatre
Costume: Mariona Signes
Voiceover: Carmen Gómez
Performance support: Pol Para
Creation support: Sol Picó, companyia de dansa
Creative advice: Sol Picó
Management advice: Pia Mazuela and Vicens Mayans
Production and communitation advice: Núria Aguiló
Martial arts advice: Jaume Rossell
Photography: Tristán Perez-Martín
Video: Eloi Sànchez / Corriendo en el balcón

Support for creation and exhibition: La Piconera and Sala Hiroshima

Residency: La Piconera, L’Estruch, Roca Umbert

Co-production: Dansa. Quinzena Metropolitana de Barcelona.

Collaborating entities: European Bruce Lee club, Casa Asia, Festival de Creació Contemporània Escena Poblenou, BCN Acció Intercultural, Espai Aviñó

Thanks to: Marc Rosalen, Isaac Alcaraz, Sarina Rör, Rober Gomez, Maria Ollé



“Did you know that Bruce Lee was a Cha Cha Cha champion?” This is how Junyi Sun describes his solo project, which came about as a result of his curiosity about the popular 1970s figure, regarded by many as a legend. Junyi searches for the connection points and parallels that he has with the artist, from origins and professional careers to ideals and desires, bringing them to life in this personal show, halfway between dance and martial arts.

Junyi Sun has worked and collaborated with several companies from around the world. He was awarded the 2017 Critics Prize for best dancer for the Sol Picó company’s show Dancing with frogs, and the 2014 Critics Prize as revelation artist for the show Kyla, directed by Adrian Devant. He is currently directing the Kernel Dance Theatre, a Barcelona dance company which is developing its own language by integrating contemporary dance with theatre and martial arts, to create projects that invite audiences to reflect on and discover new points of view on current affairs.

JUNYI SUN - Am I Bruce Lee ©Tristan Perez-Martin
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