May 2, 2021



Sunday, May 2nd at 8 pm
Duration: 35 min
Tickets: 10 euros ONLINE & BOX OFFICE

Please be aware that if you think you may be returning home between 10 and 11pm at night, you need to be in possession of an own-responsibility certificate before coming to Antic Teatre. You can obtain one through the following link:


Creation: 2019-202
Premiere: June 2021

Idea, performance and creation: Juana O. Kippes
Direction assistance: Emiliano Pino
Circus technique specialist: Julie Bergez
Outside eye: Joan Català Carrasco
Sound concept: Emiliano Pino and Juana O. Kippes
Photo: Katia Arnesto

Assisted by a grant from La Central del Circ

Creation support: Carpa Revolució & Fes+Chapeau

Collaborators: La Lleialtat Santsenca, Can Clariana, Konvent.Zero and Antic Teatre.


The intimacy of thought in front of the bathroom mirror. 

The diversity that exists between what we expose of ourselves and the place where we allow to see, feel and hear ourselves. 

A machine for heating depilatory wax, a swivel chair; a person waiting for herself. The rite of appearance. 

The pleasure in doing it, the annoyance of repeating it, the decadence which we hide from.

Juana O. Kippes (Buenos Aires, Arg.) 1990. 

From 2011 to 2013, she trained as a Hatha Yoga instructor in Mumbai, India. In Brussels (2012-2016) she specialised in handstands and contortion (Slava Kukushkin), and contemporary dance (DansCentrumJette). In Toulouse (2016-2017) she continued her training (Pascal Angelier) and started in butoh dance (Imre Thormann, Natsu Nakajima, Atsushi Takenouchi). In 2018, she joined the NANAKI anthropological theatre collective directed by Samuel Nuñez (Barcelona). In 2019 she began devising inmunda, and created the JANIKA company. In April 2020, she was selected for Laboratori, Cos i Territori, directed by Marta Galán, Sergi Parès and Aina Alegre, and financed by La Central del Circ, El Graner, and El Mercat de les Flors.

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