Co-prodction 2019

Iniciativa Sexual Femenina


Duration: 50 min


6-9/05 i 13-16/05 | Antic Teatre (Barcelona)
28/11 | MACA (Museu d’Art Contemporani d’Alacant) (Alacant)
2/12 | Teatre Municipal de L’Escorxador (Lleida)
15-18/12 | Teatro del Barrio (Madrid)

19-21/03 La Caldera | Barcelona, Catalunya – CANCEL·LAT
1-5/04 Teatro del Barrio | Madrid – CANCEL·LAT
21-31/05 Antic Teatre | Barcelona, Catalunya – CANCEL·LAT
3/10 | Russafa Escenica  (València)
4-8/11 | Teatro del Barrio (Madrid)
20/11 | Festival Femme in Arts – Centre d’art Lo Pati (Amposta) – CANCEL·LAT
10-12/12 | Dansa. Quinzena Metropolitana – La Caldera (Barcelona)

24-27/01 Antic Teatre – Festival Sâlmon< | Barcelona, Catalunya
14/04 Teatro de Pumarín – Muyeres Fest | Oviedo, Astúries
05/06 Contenedor Cultural – Universidad de Málaga | Málaga, Andalusia
13/07 Festival Ex Abrupto | Moià, Catalunya
28/09 Festival TNT | Terrassa, Catalunya


Devised and performed by: Iniciativa Sexual Femenina (Elisa Keisanen, Cristina Morales and Élise Moreau).
Lighting design: Marc Augustin-Viguier
Technician: Andrea Forlanza
Texts: Cristina Morales and Iniciativa Sexual Femenina

Músic: Red Aunts (Live in the UK); Siniestro Total (Al fondo a la derecha, Bestialismo Preescolar); La UVI (Ley y Orden); La Badana (Romance de la Gallarda, Verdigallo, Fandango do Ratinho, Vira de seis); Extremoduro (Extremaydura); Joose Keskitalo (Muuttopäivä) and Iniciativa Sexual Femenina (Catalina, Broken Nipples)

Wardrobe: Iniciativa Sexual Femenina
Musical arrangements: Élise Moreau and Elisa Keisanen

Co-production: Antic Teatre, La Caldera de Les Corts and Festival Sâlmon 2019

With the support of: Centro Social Autogestionado Can Vies, La Poderosa, Konvent Zero and El Graner

Thanks to: Maider Lasa Santamaría, Laura Rubiot, Belén Agurto, Valentina Forconi and Alexa Moya Panksep


Catalina doesn’t party: she is a party. Before she leaves the house she tries on her four pairs of ripped tights to see which look best and in the morning she discovers her bruised cheekbone, stitched-up bite marks, sore calf muscles and that she’s lost her voice. Catalina explodes and by giving out kisses, both good and bad, she manages to make others explode. Given the option of “I am Madame Bovary”, which is not what she’s after at all, Catalina declares, “I am rumba”, as Andrés Calcedo did in his magnum opus ¡Que viva la música!, in which we were shown how to suck our hair just as Lectura Fácil by our colleague Cristina Morales (Herralde Prize 2018) showed us how to walk into the corners of furniture. Catalina is guilty of dance and literature, but she atones for her culture with her brazen attitude.

The Iniciativa Sexual Femenina collective emerged in 2017 in self-managed social centre Can Vies, in Barcelona, with the aim of approaching contemporary dance from a feminist, libertarian and anti-academic perspective. It consists of Élise Moreau (France, 1992), Elisa Keisanen (Finland, 1988) and Cristina Morales (Spain, 1985).


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