Festival INFLUX 2020
[vídeo a escena]
November 26th

David Ymbernon

Coses i Latung La La

INFLUX [vídeo a escena]
Thursday, November 26th at 8pm
Duration: 40 min
Tickets: 10 euros ONLINE & BOX OFFICE // 30 euros PACK 4 shows ONLINE

Please be aware that if you think you may be returning home between 10 and 11pm at night, you need to be in possession of an own-responsibility certificate before coming to Antic Teatre. You can obtain one through the following link: https://certificatdes.confinapp.cat/#/

Creation and direction: David Ymbernon
Photo: David Ruano

With Andriy Antonovsky and David Ymbernon




A trunk, a universe, a cinema set, a film: a camera captures images in fixed shot and projects them onto a screen. A lorry, a thread… stretching objects and making them fly through the fixed shot, negligible, hyper-elastic things. A poetic animation film, “cooked” using live images.

David Ymbernon (Igualada, 1972) is a multidisciplinary and visual artist and poet, possessed by the colour orange (this makes him instantly recognisable, it’s his calling card). He showed his work for the first time aged four. At the age of six, he was run over by a lorry; his life hung by a thread… Luckily, he recovered by playing with his action men in the hospital for months. Age 8 he won an art prize for a speed painting in the General category. At 16, he held his first solo exhibition.

David Ymbernon’s staged language lies somewhere between visual poetry, theatre of objects, and para-theatre. Latung La La pilot-cuiner (2000) was the first of more than twenty pieces collected under the title Latung La La, with which he has taken part in all manner of theatres and festivals.

This is the seventh edition of INFLUX festival [ video on stage ] that, once again, collaborates with Antic Teatre to promote artists who use video and digital media as an integral aspect of artistic expression in their stage proposals. The festival includes works by visual artists, musicians, poets, dancers, performers or theatrical creators who work in the in-between and hybrid spaces. INFLUX aims to provide visibility for local creators from Barcelona and Catalonia and wants to help display the diversity that exists in contemporary creation.

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