January 14-17, 2021


LIFE (de cómo los árboles nos salvaron la vida)

Thursday, January 14th at 8pm
Friday, January 15th at 8pm
Saturday, January 16th at 8pm
Sunday, January 17th at 8pm
Duration: 60 min
Tickets: 12 euros ONLINE // 15 euros BOX OFFICE

Please be aware that if you think you may be returning home between 10 and 11pm at night, you need to be in possession of an own-responsibility certificate before coming to Antic Teatre. You can obtain one through the following link: https://certificatdes.confinapp.cat/#/

Written and directed by: Lali Álvarez
Performers: Sonia Espinosa, Clara Garcés, Ana Sanahuja and Alba Sáez
Direction assistant: Jordi Casado
Soundscape design: Pau Matas
Lighting design: Núria Solina
Movement consultant: Joan Català
Production: Júlia Simó Puyo
Assistance/distribution: Àngels Queralt / DosOrillasCultura
Photography: Desirée Gómez
Video: Omen



It’s night, and we’re standing around the last living tree on the planet.

The Spirit of Mother Earth is with us on this journey from the Embobut Forest in Kenya to Honduras, passing through all those places where there are people, mostly indigenous, fighting on the frontlines in defence of the land and the planet, fighting to defend the forests, waterways, and homes that have belonged to them since ancestral times.

The Dead bring us closer to these human stories that reflect privileges, power dynamics, and unsustainable ways of life.

The Guardian of the Future opens the door to reflection and hope.

Between us, we will design a ritual so that everything that is in danger of extinction can keep shining. To life.

The HUI BASA collective emerged in Barcelona in 2017, setting up their base as resident artists at the Nau Ivanow, having worked together on RAGAZZO and BARCELONA (contra la paret), both written and directed by Lali Álvarez.

In line with their previous work, HUI BASA investigate the places where the borders between fiction and the “real world” merge, staging a range of projects focusing on a critical analysis of human, social, and political realities.

In 2018 they were awarded the OSIC research grant for their work A la recerca d’un paradigma de Teatre Documental.

Shows premiered to date are DISSENY HUG, an intervention for public space at the Barcelona Design Museum; THA TZPAR (L’espera), a site-specific show at Fira Tàrrega 2018; and MATEIX DIA, MATEIXA HORA, MATEIX LLOC, a community creation project at the National Theatre of Catalonia in 2019.

LIFE (de cómo los árboles nos salvaron la vida), a Festival Grec Barcelona coproduction, will be their 4th show, a work-in-progress version of which previewed at Grec Festival 2020.

CAMINANDO HACIA ‘LIFE (DE CÓMO LOS ÁRBOLES NOS SALVARON LA VIDA)’ Autoría y dirección escénica: Lali Álvarez Interpretación: Sonia Espinosa, Clara Garcés, Alba Sáez, David Teixidó Diseño del espacio sonoro: Pau Matas Ayudantía de dirección: Jordi Casado Producción: Aina Juanet Distribución y acompañamiento: Àngels Queralt
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