Co-production 2015

Helena Lizari


Duration: 50 min

Created, directed and performed by Helena Lizari

El baile no acaba aquí (The dance doesn’t end here) is a piece of physical theatre in which a life tells us things about the body it inhabits.
The adventures this body experiences are available to anyone: a cold, tree climbing, boxing, dancing, love, sipping coffee, distress, parenting, yawning, forgetfulness, a broken finger, fear, a memory…
Adventures that take place in a territory as close and as recognisable as the borders of skin.
The story is told through the body, which thinks aloud, and which distrusts the imagination, which in turn distrusts the body.
A body that questions itself as to whether the soul lies in the muscles, or the organs, or the bones. A body that learns to overcome fear as it learns to learn.

An independent dance-theatre maker, she has developed much of her career in Amsterdam working with various companies (including director Peter Greenaway), and creating her own work.
Now in Barcelona, she continues to search for a personal language based on the body as an instrument of communication and transmitter across all kinds of languages and disciplines.
In her latest works she has focused on the presence of the performer at the instant of improvisation, working with Carlos Osastinsky and Fernando Pelliccioli.
She also collaborates with Ana Eulate in family performances , combining teaching courses and workshops for people of all ages.


>>> Watch Helena Lizari EL BAILE NO ACABA AQUÍ (full show)

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