14-17 December 2023
18-21 January 2024



Thursday, 14th December at 8 pm
Friday, 15th December at 8 pm
Saturday, 16th December at 8 pm
Sunday, 17th December at 8 pm

Thursday, 18th January at 8 pm
Friday, 19th January at 8 pm
Saturday, 20th January at 8 pm
Sunday, 21st January at 8 pm
Languages: Spanish
Duration: 120 minutes
Recommended age: +16 years old
Warning: this play contains strobe lights, direct interaction with the audience, sexual imagery, reduced space and possibility of getting wet /// seating only for persons with reduced mobility
Tickets: 14 euros ONLINE // 16 euros BOX OFFICE
DISCOUNT for transvestite-trans-migrant-racialised bodies
We consider it essential to guarantee access to persons experiencing precariousness. If this is your case, contact us through pornotopialab@gmail.com
or on Instagram @por.notopiacollective


Project selected for artistic creation and production residencies in 2023. Curated by grup d’estudi Cascades

Creation: P0RN0T0PIAcollective (they)
Direction: Kha Villanueva (she)
Bodies on stage: Lyn Diniz (she), Barbra Boustier (she), Axel (she), Kha Villanueva.
Music: Paco Serrano – Mad Monkey (he)
Scenography: Manoly Rubio Garcia (she)
Production: Kil Fernandez (she), Danja Burchard (she)
Lightning design: MARC ARROYO (he), MANOLY RUBIO (she)
Costumes: AXEL (she)
Accompaniment in the creation of text: MARTA ECHAVES (she)
Communications and design support: MARIA MELER (she), ROMA ROMA (she)
Photography/ documentation: ERRADA (she), PATRICIA ENCARNACIÓN (she)

A production by ANTIC TEATRE, in collaboration with SÂLMON FESTIVAL as part of the research affiliations programme.

Creation residencies: El Graner, Konvent (Berga), La Cinètika (trans group from Sant Andreu), Fabra i Coats, La Bòbila, Can Gasol, Aula de Teatre de Mataró.

Conspiracy group members: Hache Mau, Marta Echaves, Roma Roma, Lyn Diniz, Kha Villanueva.

Extended group: Eli del Oro, Bruna Kury, Sara Manubens, Flor Campise, Translocura, Xei Möri, Ela Villanueva, Nef Blázquez, Guim da Fonseca, Roma Roma, Axel, Barbra Boustier, Lyn Diniz, Kha Villanueva.

We work on several theoretical references and we are grateful for their contributions as the triggers for our digestive processes: J.Mombaça, Suely Rolnik, Paul B. Preciado, Camila Sosa Villada, etc.

The g0g0te0 project emerged from the urgent need to collectively provide an answer to the violence and oppression suffered individually by trans and transvestite bodies. The creation of spaces of our own, such as this, is an act of political resistance and social and cultural transformation.

@kha.villanueva @lynch.mama @axeleatsacid  @barbra.boustier @klxnxxy @danja.burchard

Sâlmon: IG @festival_salmon  /  Twitter @festival_salmon

Grup d’estudi Cascades: @cascades.project

#performance #travesti

Join us in the subversive game of g0g0te0. Here, transvestite desire impregnates every corner of this damp and labyrinthine space. The gogo dancer stands before you: watching you, seducing you, inviting you to fuse in dialogue with this collective transvestite body. A body that unfolds its own imagined universes on stage without submitting to the hegemony of the spectator.

g0g0te0 provides a pornotypical space sustained on its own dynamics of desire, where power and violence are redistributed in other directions. You’re invited to enter, and, if you like, to touch us, wet us, undo us and, perhaps, to confront our psychosexual fictions.

Seducing the frontiers of an exercise in performance, g0g0te0 offers you the chance to witness four bodies exercising their desire. Our aim is the political urgency of infecting you, but don’t be frightened, you’ll want more.

An exercise in transvestite power NOT SUITABLE for all audiences.

P0RN0T0PIAcollective presents itself as an open collective for creation, thought and resistance based on performance, investigating collectivisation strategies through action. Emerging in 2019, its first piece, PORNOTOPIA, was shown at the USFverftet in Bergen (Norway).

Kha Villanueva has taken on the role of director for g0g0te0. Transvestite female, white, a local from the Raval, actress, performance artist and creator, and psychologist with a postgraduate degree in group therapy and psychodrama. Co-founder of the PORNOTOPIA collective, she directed performance piece H(X)ME (lajaula) with SUTURA, a collective of non-binary youth, and HAMBRE, her first short film. She works as a group psychologist from a transfeminist and antiracist position.


Imatge: Errada
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