Hacer Historia(s) vol.V cycle.
21-22 October 2023

Javier J Hedrosa and Néstor García


premiere in Catalonia
Saturday, 21st October at 8 pm
Sunday, 22nd October at 8 pm
Languages: Catalan and spanish
Duration: 65 minutes
Recommended age: +12 years old
Tickets: 14 euros ONLINE // 16 euros BOX OFFICE

FOSC is part of the Hacer Historia(s) vol.V cycle, curated by La Poderosa.

A production by Javier J Hedrosa
Concept and creation: Javier J Hedrosa and Néstor García
With the collaboration of Rafael Ridaura and José Julián
With the assistance of Tatiana Clavel
External advisor: Sofia Asencio
Lighting design: Diego Sánchez

With the support of: Graners de Creació, Espai Inestable, Dansa València, La Nau Ivanow (Barcelona), Centro Coreográfico de la Gomera, IVC and Valencia City Council

Thanks to: Santi de la Fuente, Paula Miralles, Laura Pastor, Fernanda Medina, Teatro de lo Ausente, Itziar Barriobero

Thanks to the memories of the spectators who have taken part.




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#fosc, #memoria, #cuerpo, #archivo, #lomemorable

FOSC is a performance piece that investigates and reflects on the roles of spectator of performing arts, archive, and individual and collective memories of theatrical experiences. What does the viewer remember? What leaves an impression? What brings them back to the theatre? So, the stage element is placed in the stalls, rather than on the actual stage, turning some of the spectators into protagonists as they narrate their memories live.

Javier J Hedrosa is a choreographer and dancer. He currently lives in Valencia where he develops his artistic practice around archive, memory in the performing arts, the spectator’s agency and local issues. His works have been shown at festivals such as Camping (CND Paris), 10 Sentits, ACT Bilbao and Dansa Valencia. In addition, he is the coordinator of live arts podcast Ràdio Mutant.

Néstor García is an artist and independent curator. He studied theatre at the Institut del Teatre (Barcelona) and choreography at P.A.R.T.S (Brussels). He has produced various performance pieces that have been presented at international festivals such as the Tanz im August (Berlin), the BatârdFestival (Brussels) and the Zürcher Theater Spektakel (Zurich). He currently combines his artistic work with his works as curator for independent art space POLS and is co-director of the Sâlmon Festival.

Hacer Historia(s) vol. V is a contemporary dance and performance cycle organised and curated by La Poderosa, who explore archive, memory, history and the body. In view of the apocalyptic shadow hovering over our lives, for this fifth edition they’re putting forward a two-week programme featuring the cyclical aspect of life and including dance, performance, meetings, labs and other artistic contexts.

foto: José Jordá
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