RBLS Festival
9-10 November 2023



Festival RBLS
Thursday, 9th November at 8 pm
Languages: Catalan, spanish, english and french
Duration: 80 minutes
Tickets: Free for children under 13 years / 6 euros from 13 to 20 years / 9 euros from 21 to 25 years / 12 euros for +26 years (same prices online and at the box office).

Company: Application Rejected
Dramaturgy and direction: Charlie Mills and Jana Serra Sentinella
Performance: Charlie Mills, Jana Serra Sentinella, Anna Castells and Marcel Molina
Production: Jana Serra Sentinella
Music and soundscape: Anna Castells/Marcel Molina
Lighting design: Isa Joaniquet
Costume design and set: Jana Serra
Puppet and animated object design: Jessica Evans, Charlie Mills and Jana Serra Sentinella

Instagram: @applicationrejected // Twitter: @AppRejected
Instagram: @officialcharliemills @januu_ss @annec_astells @marcel__molina
Twitter: @lajuanitaa @hahalanna @mcontratemps


The Ubu’s coup has not quenched their thirst for power, and this will prove their perdition. Ma and Pa Ubu, a pair with the appeal of an infected boil, explain – by illustrating the other characters – how power has made us travel through a bloody, dirty and corrupt history.


UBU REX, our adaptation of Ubu Roi by Alfred Jarry, is a multidisciplinary satire that plays with and creates using the languages we speak (Catalan, Spanish, English and French), manipulation of objects and puppets, live music and a lot of theatre. An allegory of power and corruption tinged with surrealism and buffoons.

APPLICATION REJECTED is a company that mixes up languages, remodels the classics and creates new forms of theatre. We support participative, conscious and provocative theatre, always as relaxed performance.

Imatge: Jana Serra
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