April 23rd


Sunday April 23rd
Duration: All day

Antic Teatre has programmed various shows to take place throughout the day in the auditorium; in the garden, Librería Calders and It’s Written will have stalls for books and book-signings, and a microphone for readings and recitals; while on the terrace, El Culturista will run the children’s area with a book stall, workshops and activities.

 11:00 to 19:00 BOOK SIGNING

 11:00 to 19:00 FOR CHILDREN

12:00PEA GREEN BOAT L’arbre de les sabates

Tim can’t find his left shoe. He looks for it everywhere until Mr. Gris tells him he’ll probably find it in a very special tree. Following the old man’s instructions, Tim, hopping on one foot, sets out on a journey to find his lost shoe.

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19:00MARC CAELLAS Come en casa Borges

The phrase “Eat at Casa Borges” crosses Borges by Bioy Casares, possibly the first blog in the universe, from beginning to end like a powerful mantra.

Two Argentinian writers read fragments of Borges. This reading selects certain passages and combines them according to the obsessions of their creators: Argentina, literature, tourism, acting, Catalonia, women, critics, widows. Two screens remind us of the real and symbolic objects being referred to: on one we see the famous interview Borges gave on Spanish national television and on the other, Last year at Marienbad, the film by Alain Resnais. As a counterpoint to the text, Carolina Torres Topaga embodies the ghost of Silvina Ocampo and a singer plays music and dances tango. The climax arrives at the precise moment that Bioy mentions María Kodama and the dance leaves no doubt as to the future implications of this encounter.

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21:00EL PÈSOL FARÉSTEC Presentació del nou disc titulat Treure’n robins (The Indian Runners, 2017)

45 minute concert to present El pèsol feréstec‘s new recording, Treure’n robins (The Indian Runners, 2017).

El pèsol feréstec combine folk, pop and rock melodies with poetry by Catalan authors from different periods (Ausiàs March, Gabriel Ferrater, Joan Vinyoli, Carles Riba, Blai Bonet, Marià Villangómez, Maria-Mercè Marçal, Jordi Vintró, Maria Cabrera), mixing song and recital.

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