31st december 2021


(online or at Antic Teatre’s bar)
ALL TICKETS 30 euros

• free drink
• glass of cava
• confetti popper
• grapes


PURCHASE ON THE NIGHT: 35 euros + 1 free drink



LATEST DEVELOPMENTS (!) CHANGES TO ANTIC TEATRE ACTIVITIES (auditorium and terrace bar) due to the new Covid restrictions in Catalonia ratified by the Supreme Court. (23/12/21)

The NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY 2022 has been CANCELLED (cessation of late-night leisure activities). First of all, a big THANK YOU to all of you who had chosen us for your celebrations and had already bought your tickets, and another to all our collaborators who helped circulate the info (@bcnmes, @gatonewsbarcelona and @timeoutbcn).

FULL REFUNDS. Those of you who bought your tickets at the Antic Teatre bar can drop by here from 28/12 to solicit a refund. Please show your ticket and your ID. If you bought your ticket through Entradium, watch your email. And for those of you who took part in the raffle for 10 double tickets held in conjunction with our friends at @bcnmes, we’ll think of something as compensation… if that’s even possible.

Come and join us for Antic Teatre’s legendary New Year’s Eve Party. It’s our 16th! As an antidote to the pandemic, we’re offering the best option for bringing in 2022 without paying extortionate prices, right in the centre of Barcelona (Casc Antic – Born).

This year FOR THE FIRST TIME we’re opening doors at 10:30pm. The party will kick off with live music from Soulid (soul, funk, punk, rock). We’ll bring in the new year together eating grapes and from 12:20am till dawn we’ll treat you to experimental electronic music, techno-electro, underground and funky electro from DJs Baroxmix (Piatto Forte), Carles López (Venga Chavales) and Spy DJ (Útil Records), accompanied by visual sessions from Melanie Wifi.

All advance tickets are 30 € (buy them online or at the Antic Teatre bar up to December 30), whether you plan to come at 10:30pm or later on.

If you do join us at 10:30pm, each ticket includes 1 free drink + 1 complementary glass of cava + grapes + confetti popper. If you come after midnight, you’re entitled to 1 free drink.  

And if you buy your ticket on the night, the price is 35 € and includes 1 free drink.

From 10:30 p.m. – Live music

::::::: Soulid Rock Experience CONCERT :::::::

The SOULID project is a result of the coming together of experienced musicians who have played in many other bands in the past. In the early 90s, Quique and Ross played with The Del Hoyo, a groundbreaking band with several record releases and a lengthy trajectory to its name. They worked on an number of formations after that, introducing new members over the years. In 2004, Raúl Márquez joined on guitar and the project was renamed SOULID, and the more recent introduction of Mario on bass completes the current line-up: Quique Barbosa (vocals), Raúl Márquez (guitar), Mario Barbosa (bass) and Julián Ross (drums)

SOULID play exciting and energetic live sets with the aim of giving the audience a good body workout. Live shows are their natural habitat.

SOULID offer a musical journey ranging from the most full-on to the most delicate, performing their own tracks and the odd cover version very much made their own. Their music touches on soul and funk but with the energy of punk and the wildest, most irreverent rock, while maintaining an elegance and their own particular attitude. Other bands that the SOULID members have played with include: The Del Hoyo, Speed Tortugas, Ix, Barranquillos, Space Junx, Acció Directa, Legión, Motosierras, Pop, Preter Racio and more.

Discography: Your love is Nicotine (CD), My everything (CD)


::::::: LINE-UP :::::::

Baromix (Piatto Forte) DJ – Berlin



Over the years, Berlin-based DJ Barox has made a name for himself, in particular for his energising sets mixing italo-disco and eclectic disco played for local, Berlin and international audiences. A resident at Eschloraque in Berlin, he has guest-DJed at Bergain and many more, and is celebrated and renowned for his Groove flavour and his skill in combining the different aspects of electro/disco music.



Carlazz (Venga Chavales) DJ – Brussels

Barcelona-born musician, producer & DJ Carlazz has performed in more than 40 countries at all manner of events, clubs and festivals, including: Sónar (Barcelona, New York), Sziget Festival (Budapest), Ars Electronica (Linz), Microwave Festival (Hong Kong), Big Day Out (Sydney), Red Bull Academy (Porto), Ushuaia Beach Club (Ibiza) and MTV Awards / EMA Europe 2011 (Belfast). He has composed music for Alejandro González Iñarritu (Babel, Amores Perros), Sol Picó Cia de Dansa, Marcel·li Antúnez and Sergi Faustino. He’s a member of Reactable Systems, with whom he worked on developing the Reactable as well as being its main musician and the instrument’s representative around the world. Carlos also helped to create Samplr, a groundbreaking musical instrument for iPad, as a consultant during its development and the production of demo sounds and music.

SPY DJ (Electroclub) DJ – Barcelona

A well-known DJ in Barcelona’s electronica scene, known for his work in promoting electro for more than two decades. He began Djing in public in 2001 and since then has played his sessions at innumerable national and international venues, as well as at the Electroclub parties he started and that evolved into a collective to eventually become netlabel.

In 2017, Spy created the Útil Records label together with Vema Diodes and María MS for releasing styles including electro, techno and ebm. With four exemplar releases, the label is in a good position, generating general acclaim and positive audience feedback, so continuing in the task of promoting electro and its prized instrument: the vinyl record.

Towards the end of 2019, he released his first album Novo Area under the alias he has always used when composing and producing tracks: The Bandit.

During the pandemic he has continued to DJ at secret location parties and small venues, as well as working on new projects such as Útil Records’ fifth release or collective project Gente Seria Viste Chándal, for which he’s preparing a new release on vinyl.

Melanie Wifi VJ – Barcelona

Carolina Cabrerizo is the inquisitive, multidisciplinary artist to be found behind the Melanie Wifi moniker. For her VJ sets she combines video, collage, glitchart, the contraposition of analogue and digital, and appropriated images that she smears and distorts live in an interaction with sound that leads to a chaotic and suggestive stream of images. 

As a visual creator she has collaborated and worked on a range of experiences with visual artists, philosophers, poets, musicians, DJs, and theatre and dance companies. We’ve seen some of her works at Videocapsa (Flux at Centre d’Art Santa Mònica), at the Sound and Visual Fair held at Convent de Sant Agustí, at Hangar with the Hypnagogia project and at Videoex Film Festival, Zürich in the Barcelona Contemporary Authors I & II section.

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