October 12 & 13



Saturday, October 12th at 8pm
Sunday, October 13th at 8pm
Duration: 50 min
Tickets: 12 euros ONLINE // 15 euros BOX OFFICE

Devised by: Esther Rodríguez-Barbero

Music: Vitaly Franco/Lautaro Reyes

Lighting and set: Víctor Colmenero Mir

With the collaboration of: Centro Danza Canal (CDC), La Caldera (Barcelona), L’Estruch. Fàbrica de creació de les arts en viu (Sabadell), Leal.Lav Laboratorio de artes en vivo (Teatro Leal, La Laguna), Certamen Coreográfico Madrid, G.R.U.A. Grup de Recerca d’Universos Artístics, The a.pass Research Center (Brussels).

Production support: Comunidad de Madrid

Thanks to: Marialena Marouda, Pablo Sacristán, Shervin Kiarnesi, Clara Pampyn, Alberto Alonso, Lara Brown, Xiri Noir, Javier Cuevas, Adán Hernández, Laura Kumin, Lilia Mestre, Veridiana Zurita, Óscar Dasí, Carmen Fuentes.



We Can Dance is an act of celebration; it’s an accompanied solo; or rather, an invitation to dance; or even, perhaps, also a disco. This piece moves between what’s possible and what’s forbidden by means of the laws that regulate or ban the act of dancing in different places, in order to question where personal and external limits lie.

It begins at that first step we take just before we start dancing. Once you start, it’s hard to stop, you start moving, get into that disco groove. At what point does movement become dance? What happens when it occurs in places where it’s forbidden?

A staged game constructed from the cogs represented by three bodies on stage: the dj body, the lighting body, and the dancing body.

Esther Rodríguez-Barbero. Performance creator, performer and architect, she trained in contemporary dance while studying architecture and uses her practice for artistic investigation. Her work includes choreography, performance and architecture, using elements from all three disciplines to design spatial and social work that aims to review habits and customs as a way to expand performance space using choreography. Her research takes place within the framework of a.pass (The a.pass Research Center) in Brussels. Her most recent works are Guided Tour (Artists in Residency 2018, La Casa Encendida-CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo), We Can Dance (Centro Danza Canal, La Caldera, L’Estruch, Leal.Lav 2017-18), The Manual: On Ways To Inhabit a Table (Decoratelier, Nadine, Brussels 2018). She is currently working on upcoming cocreation Affect with Clara Pampyn in residency at Centro de Danza Canal.

Victor Colmenero Mir / Lighting. Holds a degree in set design, lighting and costume from RESAD and completed a Masters in transversal art studies at Escuela SUR thanks to the Acciona grant and Programa Sin Créditos ’17 awarded by Madrid. As a performer he has worked with companies such as Sharon Fridman, Fabian Thomé and Constanza Macras, and in the field of audiovisuals on series including La pecera de Eva and Game of Thrones, as well as feature films with Gil Parrondo and Luis López Carrasco. He is currently working on projects for Item Perspectiva, subsidised by Madrid City Council, and En la Naturaleza, a project in collaboration with Irene Cantero y David Benito, part of the Artists in Residency programme of La Casa Encenida and CA2M.

Lautaro Reyes Sáez / Sound. Director and performer, trained in contemporary and classical dance at various schools in Chile, Argentina and Cuba. In 2014 he was awarded the Danceweb Europe ’14 grant, and at the same time began his own project, Camaralucida, working in residency at La Caldera, L’Estruch, Fabra i Coats, Centro Danza Canal and CSC Bassano del Grappa (Italy). He created the soundscape for Camaralucida and for Stand Alone, a short film directed by Guido Sarli, and El Resto, an installation by Fernando Gandasegui. His works have been shown at Antic Teatre, Conde Duque, Sat teatre, Sala Hiroshima and Mercat de les Flors, and he has taken part in various festivals including Sismògraf, Per amor a l’hart (Festival d’Arts de Carrer de L’Hospitalet), Dansat, DNA Movement | Romaeuropa and SÂLMON<, and the DanceWEB ’14 Brut Nature ’18 and FF90 ’19 cycles. 

Vitaly Franco / Sound. Vitaly Franco is a Peruvian musician living in Madrid since 2005. His passion for sound began at the Orson Welles Institute in Lima and, later on, at the SAE Institute of Madrid (2008). He has been involved in many bands and musical projects during these years. His talent as a multi-instrumentalist had him playing bass guitar for Debutant Disco and for Celeste Dos Santos and the Tabloid Queens for nearly 7 years, touring Spain and London. He was also guitarist for American singer-songwriter Nurk. From here on, his passion for live mixing decks turned him into the DJ and live programmer for the band, with which he has toured Spain and played France.

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