January 31 to February 3


Parecer felices

Thursday, January 31 at 8pm
Friday, February 1 at 8pm
Saturday, February 2 at 8pm
Sunday, February 3 at 8pm
Duration: 70 min
Tickets: 12 euros ONLINE // 15 euros BOX OFFICE

Dramaturgy, text and direction: El Pollo Campero, comidas para llevar
On stage: Gloria March and Cristina Celada
Outside eye: Albert Pérez Hidalgo
Lighting: Joana Serra
Sound and video: Sergio Roca
Production: Anna Bohigas and El Pollo Campero, comidas para llevar
Wardrobe: Valeria Portales
Set: Alejandro Andújar
Poster: Ana Belén Jarrín
Web: Jaume Blanc

Coproduction: TNT- Terrassa, Antic Teatre, La Poderosa, Graner and El Pollo Campero, comidas para llevar.

With support from: Generalidad de Cataluña – departamento de Cultura.

With collaboration from: Fabrica de Creación Estruch and La Visiva.






Parecer Felices (Appearing Happy) is a performance research project based on the various realities we experience, the various personas we adopt just so that the thing we call life doesn’t slip out of our hands.

There are so many apparently happy things that make us a bit sad…

El Pollo Campero, comidas para llevar emerged in March 2012 and showed a first sketch of their work a few months later at the IN_prescindibles event at La Poderosa (Barcelona, November 2012). From that moment, the company continued to investigate and create various performance essays until the premiere of their first complete work, Sekvantaro. Piezas codependientes de duración relativa en las que las actrices intentarán no hacer teatro as part of V CENTIT (TNT- Atalaya) international festival for new researchers in performance, for which they received the Best Show award.

Following this they performed at several festivals, including ACT, where they were also awarded Best Direction. At the same time, they won the Best Newcomer Show at the second annual Andalusian Theatre Awards. They toured with this first piece to various venues and festivals (GREC at Antic Teatre Barcelona; Escena Abierta in Burgos; Festival inTACTO of Vitoria; FRINGE at Matadero, Madrid; Festival Fronterizo, Santander; and Ateneo MuchaVida, Madrid).

In 2016 they presented their second work, Las actrices siempre mienten as part of the Sâlmon< Festival. They won the Audience vote at FITT Noves Dramaturgies (Tarragona, 2017), and took part in Festival Flare (Manchester) and CENA CumpliCidades (Recife, Brazil), as well as being selected to tour the Circuit (Alternative Theatre Network) from 2016 to 2017.

They have just premiered their third performance piece, Parecer Felices.

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