30 November - 3 December 2023

El Pollo Campero, comidas para llevar

El Futuro

premiere in Barce- lona
Thursday, 30th November at 8 pm
Friday, 1st December at 8 pm
Saturday, 2nd December at 8 pm
Sunday, 3rd December at 8 pm
Languages: Spanish
Duration: 75 minutes
Tickets: 14 euros ONLINE // 16 euros BOX OFFICE

An El Pollo Campero, comidas para llevar creation
Idea and Direction: Cristina Celada
Text: Cristina Celada in collaboration with Rosa Romero
On stage: Rosa Romero and Cristina Celada with community workshop participants
Technical coordination and lighting design: Miguel Ruz
Soundscape and musical composition: César Barco Manrique
Sound technician on tour: Vanesa Rodrigo
Set, costumes, props: Alejandro Andújar
Videocreation: Indi Costa
Poster image: Eugenio Arrogante
Production: Inés Lambisto
Poster and web design: Jaume Blanc
Video and teaser: Andrés Pino – Conjunto Vacío
Photography: Mila Ercoli

Co-produced with: Festival TNT, Teatro Calderón de Valladolid, Conde Duque and El Pollo Campero, comidas para llevar.
In collaboration with: La Caldera and Teatre L’Artesà.
With the support of: Generalitat de Catalunya Department of Culture.

And with the support of Institut Ramon Llull



Twitter: @LasPolloCampero

#elfuturo,#nuevas_dramaturgias, #humor, #teatro,#elpollocampero, #elfuturonoexiste

The future is speculation.
The future doesn’t exist.
We imagine the future, constantly.
Futures exist.
The future is ‘something’ that we can’t see in ‘the present’; it’s a matter of conjecture. The idea behind this performance revolves around this contrariety. How to imagine something you haven’t seen? How to activate the necessary elements to bring about the future we’ve imagined? How to encourage the invocation of something that has not yet been experienced?
The Future… what does it say to you?
Before your fatalistic imagination kicks in, we propose an exercise in deferment.
The Future. Leave it there. Interrupt your thoughts, just stop.
And now that we’re all a bit more relaxed, let’s take a look at The Future.

El Pollo Campero, comidas para llevar emerged in 2012. They’re behind 4 shows: Piezas codependientes de duración relativa en las que las actrices intentarán no hacer teatro -2013- (Best Show V-CENIT, TNT international performance researchers festival in Seville, Best Direction at ACT_Bilbao festival, Best Newcomer Show at the 2nd Andalusian Theatre Awards). Las actrices siempre mienten – 2016 (Audience Award FITT Noves Dramatúrgies, 2017. Festival Flare, Manchester, and at the Cena Cumplicidades, Recife, Brasil. Alternative Venue Circuit 2017). Parecer Felices -2018- (Festival TNT 2018, Festival Sâlmon 2019, National Tour 2019). And El Futuro -2022- premiered at Festival TNT and MeetYou Valladolid.

foto: Mila Ercoli
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